edrsartEating disorders are on the rise, increasing in California faster than the national average. These are not life-style choices, cautions an eating disorder recovery expert, but serious – and treatable – illnesses.

KashaniHelah Kashanim Ph.D.

Early identification greatly boosts the opportunities for recovery from eating disorders, but Helah Kashani, Executive Director of Eating Disorders Recovery Support Inc., says that is frequently complicated by the shame these individuals feel about their behavior.

EatingDisordersWhile the prospects for recovery with treatment are typically good or even very good, Kashani acknowledges that the risk of relapse is always present,too.

EDRS is hosting its Fifth Annual Eating Disorders Awareness Week Conference, PATHWAYS TO EATING DISORDER RECOVERY, Feb. 4 & 5 at the Lucchesi Community Center in Petaluma. Information about walk-up attendance and scholarships is available here.


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