dollarsTrade and tourism will lead the local economy as it climbs out of the Great Recession, but job growth will be slow for at least another year, and require thousands of displaced workers to find training and employment in new fields, because their old jobs are likely gone forever.

nickelsburg_jerryDr. Jerry Nicklesberg

UCLA senior economist Dr. Jerry Nicklesberg also downplayed concerns about the weakness of the dollar versus other currencies internationally. He sees that as a good thing for California's trade and tourism.

snailThe California political landscape also shapes the state's business growth prospects, and Nickelsberg says the results of the November 2010 election sent some clear economic messages to Sacramento.

Dr. Nickelsberg mad his presentation at the 8th annual State of the County porgam Wednesday morning. Efren Carillo, new chair of the Sonoma CountyBoard of Supervisors presented the State of the County address, which you can hear here.

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