uprisings-for-the-earthIf the worst problems facing the natural world are the result of too many people consuming water, power and food whose origins they never see, perhaps confronting those connections can lead us back toward a paradigm of sustainability.

lakeOspreyOrielleOsprey Orielle LakeWhile getting food from local sources is good, Osprey Orielle Lake suggests that actually growing some of your own is even better. She suggests community gardens as a way to rediscover that essenatial connecdtion to the soil.

One encouraging trend that Lake writes about in Uprisings for the Earth is the emerging field of biomimicry, where humankind seeks to understand and apply the materials and practices of the natural world toward meeting our needs more sustainably. She offers this intriguing example from Africa.

Even more than with water, we are increasingly distant from the sources of our electricity, Lake observes, as is dramatically apparent in southern California.


Osprey Orielle Lake will read from Uprisings for the Earth at Copperfield's Books in Montgomery Village at 7 pm on Wednesday, Jan. 19.· Among her artistic endeavors is the International Cheemah Monument Project, which includes this dramatic installation at Jack London Square in Oakland. 

Northern California
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