Immigration activists are calling on Sonoma County to minimize cooperation with federal authorities, and make this a “County of Refuge.”

Listen here:

This is a sample of the petition/letter that is begin presented to the Supervisors tomorrow.


Petition for

Sonoma County to change status to a County of Refuge.


I, _____________________________________, as a voting resident of Sonoma County, am asking that the Sheriff's department put an immediate end to its collaboration with the agents of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department (I.C.E.) In order for the department to live up to its stated core values, it is essential to build trust within all sectors of the community, immigrants included. I feel that this trust has been jeopardized due to the open collaboration between your department and agents of I.C.E., and that the damage caused to families and communities far outweighs any benefits. We are well aware that the scope of collaboration is far beyond gang members, and is tearing families apart. I hope that you will take this to heart. Thank you for your time and understanding. Please respond to the following address:____________________________________________________________________


Northern California
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