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In 2020, Brianna Noble founded Humble, an Oakland-based equine program dedicated to positively impacting youth from disenfranchised communities. Through enriching learning experiences, Humble uses horses as a medium to inspire bright futures.
We met Mac McDonald in his family garden in Windsor. The son of a moonshiner, Mac was first introduced to wine at the age of twelve. At that young age he had a vision of becoming a winemaker and has helped a new generation of African American winemakers to envision their own futures in the industry.
Bay Area Bountiful Short Story 3-1
Cascade Ranch is a 418-acre farm just north of Pie Ranch in the ancestral homeland of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band. Under the leadership of Leonard Diggs, the Cascade Regenerator Program plans to create a regenerative landscape where a multiracial group of farmers, ranchers, and land stewards will ha...
Scientists to the Rescue Short Story
Scientists are working hard to meet a variety of global challenges. Learn more about the important work being carried out at the California Academy of Sciences to combat the Coronavirus Pandemic. (Producer-Director: Joshua Dylan Mellars)
The Ocean Planet Short Story
Take a dive in the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Kelp Forest Exhibit to learn the pivotal role this ecosystem plays for our planet. (Producer-Director: Joshua Dylan Mellars)
The Ocean Planet
What is it like to take a deep dive below the ocean’s surface? In this video we dive into the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Kelp Forest Exhibit to explore this essential marine ecosystem and then journey from the coral reefs of Palau back to San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences where scientists...
Scientists to the Rescue
Our world is facing a host of complex challenges such as the coronavirus pandemic and climate change. Can science come to our rescue? We visit the California Academy of Sciences, Monterey Bay Aquarium and Sonoma Ecology Center to learn about the important work scientists are doing in the San Francis...
The endangered coho salmon that inhabit the Russian River watershed are fighting for their survival. What threat do recent California wildfires pose to these fish and what are conservationists doing to save the coho from extinction? Watch this Bay Area Bountiful video to find out. (Producer-Director...
Bay Area Bountiful: Tracking Wildlife
Bay Area naturalists are hot on the trail of our local animal residents to better understand their movements and figure out ways to protect them. We learn about the landmark preservation accomplishments entailed in establishing the North Coyote Valley Preserve in San Jose and how it maintains and im...
Close Encounters of a Virtual Kind
Take a virtual journey to visit sheep, giraffe, goats, cheetahs, antelope, flamingos, lemurs, rhinoceros, zebra and other animals. Filmmaker Joshua Dylan Mellars talks with the animals' caretakers to find out how Bay Area organizations are protecting them and using virtual experiences to raise aware...
Bay Area Bountiful: Makers
On this edition of Bay Area Bountiful, we bring you the creations of Makers. First, we’ll step into the workshop of modern day luthiers, hand crafting works of art using sustainably sourced materials. Then, we’ll learn about natural fiber producers and clothing designers who work within a regional s...
Preserving Traditions
On this edition of Bay Area Bountiful, we explore some of the traditions of native people and their relationship to the environment. First, we visit Sonoma County where Pomo basket weavers are preserving this ancient tradition and caring for the habitats that sustain the plants used to make the bask...
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