The Ocean Planet Short Story
Take a dive in the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Kelp Forest Exhibit to learn the pivotal role this ecosystem plays for our planet. (Producer-Director: Joshua Dylan Mellars)
The endangered coho salmon that inhabit the Russian River watershed are fighting for their survival. What threat do recent California wildfires pose to these fish and what are conservationists doing to save the coho from extinction? Watch this Bay Area Bountiful video to find out. (Producer-Director...
Where Water Flows
Water going back into the watershed in a healthy way is very important to our everyday life. The different ways water returns to our rivers will be explained in this video. Tennis Wick the director of Permit Sonoma touches on land use and the different ways the county fights the affects of unhealthy...
When the Waters Speak...
Healthy riparian corridors engender biological diversity, mitigate against the impact of natural disasters, and help keep our drinking water clean and plentiful. The preservation of these vital areas is dependent on the continued cooperation between diverse groups in the community such as Sonoma Wat...
What is a Watershed?
Bay Area Bountiful examines how watersheds form, what they look like, and how geology and topography influences the way water reaches the ocean.
What Is Groundwater?
There is more fresh water stored underground in Northern California than is accessible from surface water sources, such as lakes, rivers and streams. To understand just how essential groundwater is, we’ll need to learn about how it is stored in the earth, how we bring it to the surface, and how it i...

Northern California
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