Bay Area Bountiful

Good Spirits
Bay Area craft spirits maker Griffo Distillery is now producing hand sanitizer to help combat the coronavirus. This documentary—filmed before the Covid-19 pandemic shut down California—takes you on a tour of this eco-friendly distillery to meet the couple who founded it and discover the secret behin...
Organic Beer 101
San Francisco has a tradition of serving beer with bold and creative flavors. In this story, we hear from the owner and brewmaster of ThistyBear, a brewpub offering organic beer that benefits the environment.
Home Base Spirits
Home Based Spirits produces farm-to-table bourbon and whiskey. With a commitment to sourcing from a local supply chain, Home Base creates California spirits that reflect the fresh flavors of the region, while respecting age-old tradition
Bay Area Bountiful: Spirited Discovery
On this edition of Bay Area Bountiful, we’ll go on a Spirited Discovery. First, we’ll explore an eco-friendly distillery that creates locally sourced spirits and hosts outreach events to foster more sustainable communities. Then, we’ll meet two sisters creating farm-to-table bourbon and whiskey. Fin...
Bay Area Bountiful: Makers
On this edition of Bay Area Bountiful, we bring you the creations of Makers. First, we’ll step into the workshop of modern day luthiers, hand crafting works of art using sustainably sourced materials. Then, we’ll learn about natural fiber producers and clothing designers who work within a regional s...
California is a wealth of wool and natural fiber production. With such a bounty of material to create yarn, textiles, and clothing products, where does this fit in with the global fashion industry? In this story, we visit a sheep farmer raising sustainable wool to make fiber products, and a fashion...

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