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CALFIRE's battle with the CZU Lightning Complex Fires Short Story
CZU Unit Fire Chief Ian Larkin recounts the harrowing development of the Santa Cruz Mountain fires of 2020, and cites changes in climate as a main contributing factor.
Pescadero's Puente Short Story
Social services agency Puente de la Costa Sur in Pescadero was uniquely qualified to assist with San Mateo County's emergency services during the CZU Lightning Complex Fires of 2020. Executive Director Rita Mancera describes how the nonprofit's deep connection to the community was a key factor in he...
Counting Sheep Short Story
Full Circle Wool, a grazing operation run by shepherd Marie Hoff, uses a flock of primitive sheep to graze cover crop on agricultural lands, as well as reduce wildfire fuels around small properties. We are introduced to this unique flock during lambing season, and we’ll come face-to-face with some t...
Baby Goats Short Story
Celebrating Spring, Bay Area Bountiful visited Redwood Hill Farm and their herd of happy dairy goats. Yes, baby goats are as cute and as lovable as they look, and you can come play with them too! Producing nationally-distributed yogurt and kefir in their Sebastopol creamery, Redwood Hill Farm has be...
For over 30 years the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center -- known as "W-E-R-C "-- has been rescuing injured local wildlife and nursing them back to health in Morgan Hill. Among the most charismatic patients at the Center this time of year are baby opossums, who are fostered with tremendous...
Have you ever wondered how the African penguins at the California Academy of Sciences find a mate? Take a behind the scenes tour of the museum to meet adorable penguin chicks and see how their parents find their valentines in this video. (Producer-Director: Joshua Dylan Mellars)

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