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FarmShorts: Singing Frog Farm
Elizabeth and Paul Kaiser of Singing Frog Farm in Sebastopol, California, are building the soil by using no-till farming. Their work on behalf of pollinators, utilizing hedgerows and wildflowers has garnered them national awards.
FarmShorts: Black Mountain Farm
Marnie Jackson of Black Mountain Farm in Nicasio, California, moved to the country to reconnect with her childhood. She farms and works with fiber to create beautiful and memorable items. Black Mountain also uses pasture rotation to nurture healthy soil.
FarmShorts: Green String Farm
Green String Farm proprietor, Bob Cannard, uses his farm in Petaluma, California, to teach others about connecting to the earth and the sources of their food. The Green String Farm store is built on the idea that good food should be as affordable and healthy as possible - and shared with all.
FarmShorts: Full House Farm
Christie Cole owns Full House Farm in Sebastopol, California. She and her family share their farm with others in order to educate and inspire people. Her work with horses puts her in a state of creativity and expansion. Farming is conducive to creating dreams.
FarmShorts: Canvas Ranch
Deborah Walton and Tim Schaible of Canvas Ranch in Petaluma, California, know that the first rule of farming is: close the gate! Their farm inspires their art. The land and the work informs their viewpoint of life, and they share their knowledge with the community.
Keep the River Running
Russian River Watershed Association Video Content Winner 2015 First Place. Natalie Gospe; Santa Rosa High School: KEEP THE RIVER RUNNING The RRWA sponsors a video contest for high school students in honor of Water Awareness Month. Cash awards are split between the students who create the winning vid...

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