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FarmShorts: Tara Firma Farms
“Grow the mind to grow the soil, to grow food that strengthens the community.” That is the mantra of Tara Smith of Tara Firma Farms in Petaluma, California. Like many new farmers, she didn’t come to farming through family tradition, but through her concern for what people are eating, how we care for...
FarmShorts: Mendocino Organics
Adam and Paula Manolo Gaska own Mendocino Organics in Mendocino County, California. Paul says that “Agriculture is interaction with the environment. I think therefore I am, well we eat therefore we’re here.” Like many young farmers, he remembers that agriculture was something to escape for his paren...
FarmShorts: Aqua Gardens Family Farm
Aqua Gardens Family Farm in Menocino County, California, is the product of Jed Davis. He knows water! Always in love with the ocean, he is a surfer and world traveler. Aquaponics shows much promise for supplementing the world’s food supply.
FarmShorts: Wild Boar Farms
Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms specializes in tomatoes. His goal is to grow as many varieties as he can, and create new varieties. These multi-colored, heirloom beauties come in so many colors! Purple, orange, pink, green and yellow - and they taste so good!
FarmShorts: Victorian Farmstead
Adam Parks of Victorian Farmstead just celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Victorian Christmas Tree Farm. They added livestock in 2011. The meat company they created is a hyper-local, sustainable meat supplier. They certify that the meat they raise, process and sell. No hormones, no antibodies.
FarmShorts: Tara Firma Farms - Pigs
A well managed Rotational-Cycle-for-Healthy-Soil is necessary to keep our soil healthy and to keep our region from becoming a desert. Tara Smith of Tara Firma Farms in Petaluma, California, explains how the cycle end with pigs. The pigs really dig into the soil and turn it over, bringing in nutrient...

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