Bay Area Bountiful

Bay Nature: Bringing Back the Bay Checkerspots
A small butterfly may be the canary in the coal mine when examining how we are caring for the environment around the Bay Area.
Bay Nature: California Poppies
Exploring the ecology of the state flower and efforts to protect its habitat.
Bay Nature: Santa Cruz Sand Hills
Examination of a unique Bay-Area micro environment and the effort to save the species of plants and animals that live there.
Bay Nature: Coho Salmon
Salmon face many dangers because of human interference in their environment.
Bay Nature: River Otters
A look at the return of River Otters and how to manage the environment for their survival.
Drought Gardening Tips: Removing Weeds
The University of California Master Gardener program, shares tips on things that we can all do during the drought to save water when gardening and taking care of our home landscapes.

Northern California
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