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Lexicon of Sustainability: Biochar
Join Soil Reef Biochar and The Lexicon of Sustainability in this brief and entertaining journey to understanding the power of biochar and The Soil Food Web...and why humans our existence to six inches of topsoil and the fact that it rains
Lexicon of Sustainability - Economics of Community
The principle known as economies of scale has allowed entire industries to consolidate and become more efficient, including our food system. Now there’s no difference between a supermarket in Kansas City or Boston or San Diego or Fort Lauderdale. And our culture is the poorer for it. Benzi Ronen of...
Lexicon of Sustainability - Fair Trade Vs Direct Trade
When you buy food, you’re buying more than what is in the can. You’re buying values. The values of the person who grows your food. The values of the person who transports it. And the values of the person who sells it to you. Ben Myers of 1000 Face Coffee in Athens, Georgia explains that consumers ha...
Lexicon of Sustainability:                 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA's)
What if you could buy fresh fruit and vegetables each week, grown by a local farmer? Anne Cure of Cure Organic Farm in Boulder, Colorado explains how CSAs, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture, allow consumers to purchase subscriptions from local farmers, and in return, receive weekly bo...
Lexicon of Sustainability - Antibiotic Free
Nearly 80 percent of the antibiotics in the U.S. aren’t used on people. They’re used on animals, animals we eat. And most of them aren’t even sick. Bill and Nicolette Niman share their insights on the growing movement to remove sub-therapeutic antibiotics from American beef.
Bay Nature: Young Citizen Scientists
The California Academy of Sciences is taking young people out into the natural world to collect data about endangered plant and animal populations to help further research.

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