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Lexicon of Sustainability - Local vs Organic
As consumers take increased responsibility for what they eat, many choose to become “locavores,” favoring foods grown or produced in their communities. By voting “local” with their pocketbooks when they go to the supermarket, these consumers keep money in local economies while supporting and strengt...
Lexicon of Sustainability - Land Trust
In some parts of the United States, a farm is worth more for its real estate than for what it grows, and as profitability becomes increasingly illusive, some farmers look to sell off their land. Bob Berner explains how land trusts provide guidance and economic support in the form of conservation eas...
Lexicon of Sustainability - GMOs
GMOs are Genetically Modified Organisms. They are created when scientists take the DNA from one plant species and add it to the DNA of another. It is likely that GMOs are in what you eat and what you wear. Jessica Lundberg of Northern California’s Lundberg Family Farms advocates initiatives that wou...
Lexicon of Sustainability - Food Security
The politics and culture of food are often expressed in terms of food security and food sovereignty. These two terms are often used interchangeably, even though they mean different things. Erika Allen of Chicago’s Grower Power explains that food security considers whether a person knows where his or...
Lexicon of Sustainability - 57 - The Average Age of a Farmer
The average age of the American farmer is 57. Where will we find the next generation of greenhorns (young American farmers) and how will they be trained for these green collar jobs? Food education isn’t limited to helping the people who grow our food; we also need edible schoolyards like that of Ali...
Lexicon of Sustainability - Terroir
Judith Redmond of California’s Full Belly Farm explains that food is more than what you eat. Food carries with it an undeniable sense of place, and the French even have a word for it: it’s called terroir.

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