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Lexicon of Sustainability - Unconventional Agriculture
Today, half the world’s food production—what we eat—depends on chemical fertilizers and herbicides. These are the foundation of Conventional Agriculture, but they pollute our soils, drinking water, waterways, and oceans. Unconventional farmers like Steve Ela in Hotchkiss, Colorado focus on building...
Lexicon of Sustainability - True Cost Accounting
By considering all the external costs factored out of the cost of food, an economic principle called true cost accounting helps consumers understand the real cost of the food they buy.
Lexicon of Sustainability - Grass Fed
Most cattle are finished on industrial feedlots, where they are fed a mix of antibiotics, hormones, protein supplements, and corn. Farmers like Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms in Swoope, Virginia raise their cattle on grass, using rotational grazing and other fundamental principles of pasture managem...
Lexicon of Sustainability - Locavores
As consumers take increased responsibility for what they eat, many choose to become “locavores,” favoring foods grown or produced in their communities. By voting “local” with their pocketbooks when they go to the supermarket, these consumers keep money in local economies while supporting and strengt...
Lexicon of Sustainability - Seeds
In the last century nearly 75% of our agricultural crops have disappeared. Traditionally, farmers would save and share these seeds with each other, but now, most seed production is controlled by just a few companies. Vandana Shiva explains the importance of protecting the culture and biodiversity of...
Lexicon of Sustainability - Forage
Our earliest descendants were hunter/gatherers who foraged for their food, were in tune with their surroundings, and ate with the seasons. After foraging was essentially replaced by agriculture, people became increasingly detached from where their food came from. Foraging offers people a way to reco...

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