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Farm Trails Weekend
Weekend Along the Farm Trails was started as a way to celebrate the harvest and also to bring the public to the farms so they can meet the farmers, see the animals, ask questions about the equipment and experience all that goes into producing their food. "Its very satisfying and powerful to know whe...
Lexicon of Sustainability - What Is Sustainability?
Sustainability is an ideal. Its principles reinforce the fact that everything you do has consequences, even when they’re hidden from view. Its worldview imbues you, as either a consumer or producer, with a clear, undeniable sense of responsibility. It gives you a role to change how you think, what y...
Lexicon of Sustainability - Water
Agriculture depends on water, but in many parts of the world water is a scarce resource. Effectively managing watersheds helps farmers preserve their farms while protecting the environment; while new technologies, like drip irrigation, help conserve water by putting small amounts precisely where nee...
Garden Skills: Jail Industries Agriculture Program
From classroom, garden to community the participants of the Jail Industries Agriculture Program learn gardening and woodworking skills. Listen to their stories as they experience hands on training with growing California native and drought tolerant plants as well as woodworking for garden structures...
Plant Sales: Jail Industries Agriculture Program
In 1994 the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office and the Sonoma County Office of Education created the Jail Industries Agricultural Program. The Program has several plant sales open to the public and educates the inmates with skills in gardening with California native and drought tolerant plants.
King and Queen of Pork: ZAZU Kitchen + Farm
Chefs Duskie Estes and John Stewart own Farm to Table restaurant ZAZU Kitchen + Farm, located at the Barlow in Sebastopol, California. During a tour of their Sonoma County farm, “The King and Queen of Pork,” talk about why they believe in serving plenty of vegetables and pasture raised meat. (Direct...

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