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Born to Be Wild: Quarryhill's Conservation Quest
The Quarryhill Botanical Garden — located in Glen Ellen, California — has become a base station for international conservation efforts and a living laboratory for scientific researchers and students. A tranquil refuge from our increasingly urban way of life, the garden is a lush cornucopia of Asian...
North Bay Bountiful: Healthy Soil
North Bay Bountiful examines natural efforts to build the health of our soil and the dangerous practices that damage this precious resource. Healthy soil promotes water retention and traps carbon. Poor soils are often over tilled and bombarded with pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
North Bay Bountiful: Gardening & Community
Communities interact with gardens in many different ways. Some gardens are individual, some for the community; there are gardens that are private refuges, and others that are open to the public for education and inspiration. North Bay Bountiful explores the relationship between community and gardeni...
North Bay Bountiful: Models of Sustainability
Cultivate. Celebrate. Connect. The San Francisco North Bay area enjoys an incredible bounty of resources that enrich all our lives. Land and seascapes offer breathtaking vistas and serve as the source of an amazing variety of food and products. KRCB, North Bay Public Media, brings you the stories th...
Garden to School: Garden Class - North Bay Bountiful
Salmon Creek School in the Harmony Union School District in Occidental, California, teaches kids about the food they eat through a robust gardening program. The school garden program truly represents the farm-to-table movement, and kids lead the way.
Garden to School: Cooking Class -North Bay Bountiful
Children learn about cooking and serving the food they grow in their school garden at the Salmon Creek School. This progressive educational program in the Harmony Union School District in Occidental, California, is finding new ways to teach kids about the food they eat.

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