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Atmospheric Rivers
The meteorological phenomenon known as Atmospheric Rivers has a significant impact on the frequency and severity of floods and droughts in the North Bay. Advanced forecasting techniques currently being developed to monitor these storms could mitigate the impact of floods while preserving the region’...
Rivers in the Sky
In the early 1860s, a cataclysmic flood ravaged California, bankrupting the state and forcing the government to move the capital from Sacramento to San Francisco until the flood waters subsided. The flood was precipitated by a meteorological phenomenon scientists now refer to as Atmospheric Rivers....
The Spanish Gardener
Over the last forty years, nursery owner Polo de Lorenzo has created a rare and alluring garden in Sebastopol, California inspired by childhood memories of the lush botanical garden in his native Canary Islands. The Spanish born gardener has also observed signs of a changing climate during that time...
North Bay Bountiful: Rivers & Streams
Rivers and streams are a reflection of the health of our lands. More than just beautiful and natural waterways, healthy rivers and streams are key to the survival of the environment and our very lives. In this episode: removing dams in Sonoma County to encourage Coho Salmon populations; following th...
North Bay Bountiful: Waste & Recycling
North Bay Bountiful revisits the ground-breaking internet short film that helped launch the Zero Waste movement. THE STORY OF STUFF was produced and hosted by environmentalist, Annie Leonard. For many web viewers, this was the first time they learned about the cycle of: natural resources >manufactur...
Saving Heirlooms: Honey Bees, Seed Banks and Crop Diversity
This segment of North Bay Bountiful travels to Petaluma’s Seed Bank, one of an increasing number of providers of heirloom seeds for gardeners desiring a wider diversity of feedstock and a re-connection with our agricultural roots. From Petaluma, the program travels on to Point Reyes, where beekeeper...

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