NorCal Public Media is keeping an eye on critters! Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are surrounded by extraordinary nature and amazing wildlife, but our animal neighbors are not always easy to spot. Naturalist Tracey Simmons leads us on a tour to meet fascinating mammals, birds, and insects that are hard to see even though they are living right here with us. With the help of nature photographers and stealthy motion-activated trail cameras, we get an up-close view that Tracey shares fun facts about. Want to see shy river otters playing or hear how coyotes talk to each other? Watch CritterCam!
Tracey Simmons is a naturalist and science communicator. A graduate from San Jose State University’s Biological Sciences program, they have published research in the journal Ecology and Evolution and assisted with wildlife rehabilitation at Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley. Tracey is very interested in making the natural world accessible to young people.
Mountain lions can be found in almost all of California's parks and open spaces. Join host Tracey Simmons to learn more.
Deer CritterCam
Young black-tailed deer change as they grow up, just like us! Host Tracey Simmons explains.
Pipevine Butterfly CritterCam
Pipevine butterflies have a special relationship with one particular plant. Host Tracey Simmons explains.
Otters are social animals who spend most of their time in family groups. Join the fun with host Tracey Simmons.

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