Coronavirus: What You Need to Know - May 26, 2020
On our Virtual Town Hall May 26, health officer Dr. Sundari Mase described the increasing numbers of Coronavirus cases in Sonoma County, and how that is informing her decisions about what to open next. Dr. Jennie Fish represented her organization H-PEACE and repeated the group's assertion that the use of PPE in the county by healthcare workers does not always follow the highest standards. We heard a response from the county's largest provider, Kaiser.
Pamela Lorence, our South Bay correspondent, interviewed Mehul Patel of on the future of work in Silicon Valley. Instead of "plastics" or "microprocessors" the operative word today is "remote."
Finally, Jennielynn Holmes of Catholic Charities, Santa Rosa Diocese, described how every one of the organizations four priorities -- homelessness, food insecurity, immigration and the elderly -- are under strain as nonprofits bear the brunt of feeding, housing and otherwise helping those disproportionately affected by COVID-19.

Northern California
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