The Buckle of the Prune Belt
A region of great agricultural bounty, the valleys that surround the historic town of Healdsburg are known for a fair number of different crops. But for half a century, the prune industry— from plum trees, to packing plants— dominated the local economy.
On The Map
Examine the story of how historic Healdsburg came to be. The story of Healdsburg is also the story of an entrepreneurial squatter and pioneer named Harmon Heald.
Harmony School Lunch Transformation (Harmony School, Occidental/Freestone)
With active participation, encouragement and support from parents, Harmony Union School District in West Sonoma County developed a wellness policy to encourage healthier food on campus. In addition, the district has committed to improve the quality of their school lunch program by preparing all meal...
The Health Center
(Short Educational Video) The Health Center was built entirely by volunteers under the direction of Stan Wahl, a local contractor, with materials donated by community businesses. Mr. Wahl was able to secure over 100 individuals and/or businesses who donated in-kind services and materials to complete...
Grupo Activo (South Santa Rosa)
Since early 2009, residents in Roseland have organized and advocated for more trails and opportunities for safe physical activity. Group members attended planning meetings, spoke with neighbors to encourage their involvement, and shared ideas about what they would like to see in the community. As a...
Nuestra Voz, Boyes Hot Springs
Nuestra Voz is all about leadership development among disenfranchised residents, so that they can lead community health improvement. Among their successes are a broad team of community leaders who have begun and are running three community radio shows, a multi-generational community theater group, a...

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