KRCB Live Premiere
We are very proud of our television debut. This first episodes features some of our favorite acts including Helen Jane Long, the Timothy O'Neil Band and folk legend Roger McGuinn. In addition to performance videos, this television debut includes interviews with the artists and fancy graphics :)
Meklit Hadero
Our second episode of KRCB Live featured San Francisco singer-songwriter Meklit Hadero. Known for her soulful style and effortless combination of jazz, folk and Ethiopian music, Hadero has been named Google Artist of the Month and is founder of The Arba Minch Collective, a group of Ethiopian artists...
The Highway Poets and Salty De Vito
This episode of KRCB Live features two amazing local bands: The Highway Poets, and Salty De Vito! The Highway Poets began their musical journey as rock group Hillside Fire. While on the road, these four friends began a musical transformation from "The Hillside to the Highway," evolving into the folk...
KNell Robinson & Jim Nunally, Roxanne Oliva and Marianne Aya Omac
Singer-songwriter Nell Robinson joins award world class guitarist Jim Nunally to create a harmony driven country music duo. Robinson's debut album, "Nell Robinson in Loango" made national bluegrass and Americana charts throughout the country and her music was featured in Garrison Keiller's "A Prairi...
Lester Chambers and the Mud Stompers
KRCB Live! is proud to feature Lester Chambers, soul music legend and lead singer of 60s rock group, The Chambers Brothers. The Chambers Brothers' hit single, "Time Has Come Today," spent five weeks at number 11 on the Billboard Charts in 1968. As a solo artist, Lester has played with ex-Electric Fl...
This episode of KRCB Live features Santa Cruz "folktronica" band, audiafauna. (from their website) Audiafauna is an emerging band that combines powerful female vocals with soaring strings and hints of electronics to create a refreshing sound that is soulful and sublime. They span the genres of soul,...

Northern California
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