Cost Access
(Program Segment - Health Connections, Episode 103) Both hunger and a lack of healthy food options affect many people in our area, preventing them from having a good, nutritious diet. This segment from Community Health Connections looks at the problems related food access in our community and what l...
(Full length TV Program - episode 101) This first episode of "Community Health Connections" is about the importance of education as it relates to the individual, the family, and the larger society. Our producers interviewed the youth in our community, sought out people and programs that invest time...
Grow Your Own
(Program Segment - Health Connections, Episode 103) This segment from Community Health Connections examines the role of farming and gardening in our food system. It addresses why it is important to know where your food comes from and what busy people can do to get fresh, local food. 7min 14sec
(Program Segment - Health Connections, Episode 103) This segment from Community Health Connections talks about what different organizations in our area are doing to make our food system more sustainable and why this is a goal worth working toward 5min 49sec
Building Partnerships for Change
(Learning Video) Communities are learning to build collaborative partnerships in order to accomplish the goals we all have to support healthy living. Government, non-profits, corporations and community groups are putting their heads together to make positive change happen. It takes a village to keep...
Food Carving at the National Heirloom Exposition
Ray Duet, chef and food carver, gave us a quick carving demonstration, making food a little more fun! From turnip to something magical! Do you think you could do this? Watch this video and learn how to turn regular vegatables into amazing works of art for your table. 50 sec

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