A country of lush forests and mountains surrounded by hidden hills, Slovakia is a land rich with historical and cultural treasures.
Centrally located in Europe, Slovakia was obscured for centuries within the Austro-Hungarian Empire and later by the establishment of Czechoslovakia, and has remained relatively unknown to much of the world. In SLOVAKIA: TREASURES IN THE HEART OF EUROPE, host Pat Uskert and Slovak guide Mila Kissova explore the country's history, culture and breathtaking landscapes, and spotlight the many castles and medieval towns – from the capital city of Bratislava, located on the Danube, to the rugged peaks of the High Tatra Mountains. The one-hour travel documentary features modern and ancient castles, historic cathedrals, a visit to the Andy Warhol Museum, music and dance festivals, traditional villages, hikes in national parks, and treks in the Tatra Mountains. For both travelers and history lovers, SLOVAKIA: TREASURES IN THE HEART OF EUROPE promises an exciting journey into lands seldom traveled.

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