Joshua Mellars
The endangered coho salmon that inhabit the Russian River watershed are fighting for their survival. What threat do recent California wildfires pose to these fish and what are conservationists doing to save the coho from extinction? Watch this Bay Area Bountiful video to find out. (Producer-Director...
What is the secret to handcrafting a guitar that lasts a lifetime? Step into the workshops of Sonoma County luthiers Maegen Wells and Bruce Sexauer to see what it takes to build these instruments. (Producer-Director: Joshua Dylan Mellars)
Close Encounters of a Virtual Kind
Take a virtual journey to visit sheep, giraffe, goats, cheetahs, antelope, flamingos, lemurs, rhinoceros, zebra and other animals. Filmmaker Joshua Dylan Mellars talks with the animals' caretakers to find out how Bay Area organizations are protecting them and using virtual experiences to raise aware...
Acterra at 50
On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, we survey the wide range of activities conducted by Acterra, a Palo Alto nonprofit that brings people together to create local solutions for a healthy planet. In the face of daunting environmental challenges, their science-based approach instills hope while b...
Pacific Beach Coalition
Pacific Beach Coalition is a growing community of ‘Earth Heroes’ teeming with passion for protecting and preserving the health of our ocean, beaches, wildlife, and coastal environment. They have created a model for sustainable environmental stewardship and kinship among all ages through advocacy, ed...
Environmental Volunteers
Environmental Volunteers believe that all children deserve to learn about the natural world through personal exploration, so they can become responsible stewards of the Earth. They believe that what children appreciate and love, they will protect. EV volunteers lead field trips and coordinate classr...

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