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Fire Preparedness PSA: Alerts & Evacuations
Disasters happen, so we need to be prepared. Text your zip code to 888777 to sign up for Nixle alerts, and you can sign up for SoCo Alert by visiting . Be sure you know where to tune in for information about disasters, and have an AM/FM battery operated or hand-crank radio to help you...
El Condado de Sonoma y las ciudades incorporadas han establecido zonas de evacuación estandarizadas. En el pasado, las zonas de evacuación eran diferentes para cada incidente, pero ahora su zona seguirá siendo la misma. Aprenda la zona de su hogar y de su trabajo. Cuando salga una alerta, podrá ente...
Fire Preparedness PSA: "Know Your Zone"
Sonoma County and its incorporated cities have established standardized evacuation zones. In the past, evacuation zones were different for each incident, but now your zone will remain mostly the same. Learn your zone for home and work. When an alert comes out, you will be able to understand if the a...
PSA de Preparación para el Fuego: "Construir un Kit"
Para prepararse para un desastre, querrá construir un kit de suministros esenciales. Bolsas de preparación ante emergencias deben contener un mínimo de 72 horas de suministros esenciales, incluyendo agua, alimentos, medicamentos, cargador de teléfono, cobijas, lamparas, una máscara para el polvo o N...
Fire Preparedness PSA: "Build a Kit"
To prepare for a disaster, you’ll want to build a kit of essential supplies. Personal Preparedness Go-Bags should contain a minimum of 72 hours’ worth of essential supplies, including emergency water, food, medications, phone charger, blankets, lights, a dust mask or N95 mask, and copies of importan...
Water Conservation PSA: "Water Levels"
Our region is facing a historic drought. Sonoma Water and its partners in the Sonoma Marin Saving Water Partnership encourage all of our drinking water customers to continue to save water. Every drop saved helps maintain water flows in the Russian River and extend reservoir storage levels. Drought i...

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