Isabel Fischer
PSA de Conservación del Agua: "Restricciones de agua"
Nuestra comunidad se ha unido para ahorrar agua durante los períodos de sequía. Es importante seguir estas restricciones de agua permanentes que el estado de California ha implementado. La sequía está aquí. Ahorre agua.
PSA de Conservación del Agua: "Consejos de riego"
Es importante checar si los sistemas de riego tienen fugas, obstrucciones o programaciones incorrectas, resultando en el desperdicio de agua. Usted puede conseguir consejos de un jardinero capacitado en el uso eficiente de agua en la programación del sistema de riego. La sequía está aquí. Ahorre agu...
It is important to check your irrigation systems for leaks, clogs, or incorrect scheduling – all of which could lead to water waste. You can get advice from a qualified water efficient landscaper on how to effectively scale back your irrigation scheduling. Drought is here. Save water.
Tune in Tuesday, November 30 @ 9:00pm on KRCB TV, and Wednesday, December 1 @ 7:00pm on KPJK TV for Bay Area Bountiful: Women in Wine! The holiday season is here, and a great way to say thank you and bring some cheer is with an unforgettable tasting experience. Surprise your loved ones or the wine e...
Drought is Here: Questions & Conversation (Subtítulos en español disponibles)
NorCal Public Media, in partnership with Sonoma Water, presented a live interactive special program that explores the continuing drought in the Bay Area. Despite recent record breaking rainfall, the Bay Area still has a long way to go before we are safely out of the danger of drought. Our guest is G...
Tidal Marsh Soil Elevation Short Story
In the tidal marshes at San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge, research ecologist Karen Thorne, PhD and biologist Chase Freeman, from the USGS Western Ecological Research Center, study how quickly sediment accumulates in the marshland over time. They use a surface elevation table (SET), a device th...

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