Isabel Fischer
The vision of the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles is to preserve, celebrate, and promote knowledge about quilts and textiles, their creation, their beauty, and their relationship to human culture and expression. Director Camille Ann Brewer takes us on a tour for a closer look. For more informat...
Bay Area Bountiful: Changemakers and Trailblazers
On this edition of Bay Area Bountiful, we’ll explore environmental justice through the eyes of three local advocates and learn how they’re actively uplifting the next generation through access and education.
In the underserved community of East Palo Alto, neighbors increasingly feel the impacts of climate change in their homes. Members of Youth United for Community Action are making a difference not only through climate activism but also by establishing their center as a hub for climate resilience. Lear...
Cool Petaluma
In Petaluma, residents are building a planet-friendly community, block-by-block. For more information visit: Video producer: Jeremy Jue
On this episode of “Living with Climate Change,” Bay Area Bountiful explores the ways youth in our region are addressing our changing climate: through environmental education, creative problem-solving, and local resilience-building.
Connect the Bay: Kelp Artist
San Francisco photographer and author Josie Iselin helps audiences look at seaweed in a whole new light. Her art focusing on kelp and other marine algae puts her at the forefront of ocean activism. She educates the public and works with scientists and environmental groups who seek to preserve the ke...

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