Sample script:

“My father was a farm boy who immigrated to upstate New York when he was 18. He had served in the war to earn American citizenship. In the late fifties, he moved to Sonoma to work for the Stornetta dairy. My mother had left Germany near the end of World War 2 and moved to New York. But also in the late 50s, she moved to California--to be nearer her friends.

They met at Little Switzerland, the dance hall in Sonoma. It was a popular place for immigrants from Northern Europe. After they were married, a Swiss friend gave them money for a down payment on a three-acre farm. My mother still lives on that property, in Rohnert Park. I came along in 1966, went to Analy High, and now am a proud firefighter for San Francisco Station 10.

I’m (name withheld)…and I’m a Sonoma County baby.”

Northern California
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