Martin Zuniga MuralMartín Zúñiga created a vibrant mural this summer with about a dozen young women from the Santa Rosa community. It's at Roseland Elementary: A Leadership Academy, and it represents the movement of the young people there toward education and giving back. We talk with the artist and Michelle Leisen, the school's principal to find out what the project meant to the community and how kids will see it going forward.
Among the community partners making this work possible: The Museum of Sonoma County, Creative Sonoma and Community Action Partnership.
La Prensa published an article in Spanish about the mural, "Girls collaborate on painting ‘Roseland in Motion’ mural in Santa Rosa School".
(Photo: Martín Zúñiga, Credit: Steve Mencher) 
Below: Roseland Elementary: A Leadership Academy Mural, Credit: Steve Mencher)
Mural Zuniga
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