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Fiona studio thistleEach week listeners join award-winning host Fiona Ritchie to explore the evolving Celtic musical traditions of Europe and North America. In addition to well-known artists and selections, Ritchie introduces curious listeners to Celtic influences in World and contemporary music and investigates other distant landscapes and genres.
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The Thistle and Shamrock

December 17, 2023

The Thistle and Shamrock - Saturdays at 11am

Each week listeners join award-winning host Fiona Ritchie to explore the evolving Celtic musical traditions of Europe and North America. In addition to well-known artists and selections, Ritchie introduces curious listeners to Celtic influences in World and contemporary music and investigates other…
January 15, 2021

Next Time on The Thistle & Shamrock: Burns Night – Saturday at 11am

Discover the contemporary appeal of verses written over 200 years ago. Host Fiona Ritchie is not alone in her belief that the songs of Scotland’s National Bard are as relevant and popular today as they were when they were first written. Interpreted by the fresh \ voices of today’s singers, it’s…
January 08, 2021

Next Time on The Thistle & Shamrock, “New Year Sounds” – Saturday at 11am

Having finally left 2020 behind us, let’s get 2021 off to a good musical start with some brilliant fresh sounds. Host Fiona Ritchie has selected an hour’s worth of great music from Celtic roots for you to discover. The Thistle and Shamrock airs Saturdays at 11:00 am on KRCB-FM Radio 91 / streaming…
January 01, 2021

These Are the Hands on the Thistle & Shamrock – Saturday at 11am

International best-selling author Alexander McCall Smith collaborated with the composer James Ross on their song cycle “These Are The Hands”. The writer and composer met with Fiona Ritchie to chat about the process of telling their stories and combining lyrics with musical arrangements. Singers…
Jul 09, 2019

The Thistle & Shamrock: Common Currency

The instrumental links and song streams that connect musical traditions in far-flung lands are often invisible. Join host Fiona Ritchie to discover…
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Jun 25, 2019

The Thistle & Shamrock: Singing The Land

This week's show features music from Karine Polwart's theatrical event Wind Resistance and from fiddler Duncan Chisholm's Sandwood, named for the…
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Jun 11, 2019

The Thistle & Shamrock: Raise Your Voice

Traditional and folk songs often lend themselves to carefully crafted, multi-layered singing, with some arrangements creating remarkably beautiful,…
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May 29, 2019

The Thistle & Shamrock: Scent Of Spring

Spring is in the airs... and in the jigs, reels, and songs as we put out a musical welcome mat for the first signs of the season. Artists featured in…
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May 21, 2019

The Thistle & Shamrock: Dreamtime

Settle into an hour of soothing voices and soaring instrumentals that all go to prove this roots music business needn't always be high-energy.…
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May 07, 2019

The Thistle & Shamrock: Season Of Light

Celebrate the coming of summer, the fertility of the season and the greening of the earth as Fiona Ritchie invites you to gather around the fires of…
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Apr 23, 2019

The Thistle & Shamrock: Atlantic Bridge

Fiona Ritchie presents an hour of music to ferry you across the Atlantic bridge from Old World to new, with fiddle melodies and Gaelic airs from…
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Apr 09, 2019

The Thistle & Shamrock: Song Links

Join us to hear some early field recordings of Irish master musicians who inspire players to this day, including Liz Carroll and Eileen…
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Apr 02, 2019

The Thistle & Shamrock: World Beat

Circumnavigate the world of Celtic music as we listen to progressive, crossover Celtic roots recordings influenced by Latin, Balkan and African music…
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Dec 30, 2018

The Thistle & Shamrock: Here We Go 2019!

Celebrate the dawn of the New Year with host Fiona Ritchie and the music of Bachue, Altan, Cathie Ryan, and Eddi Reader.Copyright 2018 NPR. To see…
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Dec 25, 2018

The Thistle & Shamrock: Celtic Christmas

Join Fiona Ritchie as she shares reflections on the season of joy with old carols and dance tunes with Cherish the Ladies, Al Petteway and Amy White,…
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Nov 27, 2018

The Thistle & Shamrock: Family Gathering

A treasure trove of music is the legacy some families pass along across the generations. Join Fiona Ritchie and Mary Ann Kennedy to hear one family's…
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Nov 20, 2018

The Thistle & Shamrock: Bass Rock

This week, hear some stunning acoustic and electric bass players, including Riccardo Del Fra and Alain Genty.Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit…
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Nov 07, 2018

The Thistle & Shamrock: Belonging

In Mairi Campbell's "Pulse" and Kathryn Tickell's "Northumbrian Voices," each artist has created music that brings her home. Fiona Ritchie features…
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Oct 30, 2018

The Thistle & Shamrock: Myth and Legend

You're invited to embark on a musical journey through myth, legend, and mystery, featuring Malinky, Old Blind Dogs, Nuala Kennedy and Jim Malcolm.…
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Sep 18, 2018

The Thistle & Shamrock: From The Archives

Join Fiona Ritchie for a chance to explore highlights from the past decade of radio shows, with great musicians and other individuals involved in the…
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Sep 13, 2018

The Thistle And Shamrock: The Long View

If you've been listening to Thistle for some years, perhaps you'll remember two unforgettable extended medleys of tunes; one from Breton harper and…
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Aug 28, 2018

The Thistle & Shamrock: ThistleRadio New

When the Celtic rhythms go quiet on your radio, you can always stream great songs and tunes through the night and day on ThistleRadio. Hear some of…
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Aug 07, 2018

The Thistle & Shamrock: Len Graham

Meet Len Graham, the legendary singer and songwriter from Northern Ireland who carries an equal number of songs and stories in his heart. Fiona…
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Jan 09, 2018

The Thistle & Shamrock: At The Edge

This week we explore the evolving sounds of Celtic music inspired by jazz and classical music, with artists including Solas, Kila and…
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Dec 12, 2017

The Thistle & Shamrock: Gifts

Whether you're looking for gift ideas or simply looking for an hour of fine music, we have the perfect blend, featuring Cherish the Ladies, Nicola…
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Dec 05, 2017

The Thistle & Shamrock: Music Migration

Join host Fiona Ritchie as she uncovers the deep roots across several generations that run under a family tree of songs from the British Isles and…
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Nov 14, 2017

The Thistle & Shamrock: Chansons

From the "chant de marin," or sea shanties, of Brittany to the songs of the voyageurs of the Canadian fur trade, enjoy the French songs that extend…
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Nov 01, 2017

The Thistle & Shamrock: Real Hallowe'en

Host Fiona Ritchie takes you back to the mystical ancient times as she uncovers folklore, legends and eerie tales in ballads old and new. She…
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Oct 19, 2017

The Thistle And Shamrock: New Fall Sounds

New music is always in season, but autumn brings with it a special skew in our tastes. So for this episode of The Thistle and Shamrock, host Fiona…
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Aug 23, 2017

The Thistle & Shamrock: Celtic Guitar

Virtuoso players on both sides of the Atlantic are raising the bar for roots-inspired Celtic guitar music. Hear from Sarah McQuaid, Tony McManus,…
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Jul 18, 2017

The Thistle & Shamrock: Best Of The Best

From The Chieftains' vintage collection The Very Best Of The Claddagh Years to Dusk Till Dawn, which telescopes the long and successful career of…
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Jul 11, 2017

The Thistle & Shamrock: Made In America

Travel from the 1920s, with legendary fiddlers Michael Coleman and James Morrison, to the thriving 1970s session scene and hear the evolving sound of…
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Jun 27, 2017

The Thistle & Shamrock: Dream Time

Kick back with some soothing voices and free-spirited instrumentals in an episode featuring Dougie MacLean, Maire Brenan, Karen Matheson and Davy…
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Jun 20, 2017

The Thistle & Shamrock: Archie Fisher

Revisit host Fiona Ritchie's time with legendary singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and broadcaster Archie Fisher. This episode of The Thistle &…
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Jun 13, 2017

The Thistle & Shamrock: New For Summer

Tune into the great new sounds that are kicking off this year's music-festival season on both sides of the Atlantic. In this show, you'll hear new…
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May 31, 2017

The Thistle & Shamrock: New Writing

From instrumental commissions to new works by singer-songwriters, hear a wealth of recently composed gems by Maggie MacInnes, Wendy Weatherby, Bill…
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May 09, 2017

The Thistle & Shamrock: Bridges

Music commemorates the landmarks that span our landscapes — and is its own bridge across time and place. Cross all forms of bridges this week with…
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Apr 25, 2017

The Thistle & Shamrock: Spring Sounds

The new spring shoots of music from Celtic roots are ready for broadcast. Hear new songs from Eamon Friel, Molly's Revenge, Runa and more.Copyright…
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Mar 07, 2017

The Thistle & Shamrock: Welsh Roots

This week, The Thistle & Shamrock host Fiona Ritchie presents acoustic roots music from Wales with Cerys Matthews, Robin Huw Bowen, Julie Murphy, Rag…
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Feb 21, 2017

The Thistle & Shamrock: ThistleRadio

Hear some of the classic tracks that form the bedrock of the playlist for ThistleRadio, The Thistle & Shamrock's popular 'round-the-clock Celtic…
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Feb 14, 2017

The Thistle & Shamrock: Love Songs

We've heard a lot about romantic love recently. Now, hear of a bond with landscape, language and the natural world, all in the finest Celtic-rooted…
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Feb 07, 2017

The Thistle & Shamrock: Debuts

Listen to the sounds of musicians making their first appearances on Thistle & Shamrock. Artists featured on the show come from both sides of the…
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Jan 31, 2017

The Thistle & Shamrock: Songs Of The Bard

Hear a variety of artists in the intoxicating thrall of the songs — timeless and thriving — of Robert Burns, Scotland's National Bard.Copyright 2017…
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Oct 02, 2016

Gaelic Voices on Thistle & Shamrock

Next time on The Thistle & Shamrock... Gaelic Voices. The choice of listening through recordings of Gaelic singing voices was runner up in a…
Aug 18, 2016

Thistle & Shamrock: Music Migration

When host Fiona Ritchie first traveled to the US in the early 1980s, she discovered the connections that tie her world to the music of the Southern…
Jun 30, 2015

The Thistle & Shamrock: Claudine Langille

Join host Fiona Ritchie at the Swannanoa Gathering in the mountains of North Carolina for a conversational, musical encounter with singer (and banjo…
Jan 01, 2015

The Thistle & Shamrock: Midwinter Musing

Travel into the traditions of midwinter through some spellbinding music of the season. You'll hear a number of selections appropriate for this…
Dec 23, 2014

The Thistle & Shamrock: Nollaig

Enter the spirit of a traditional Scottish, Irish and Welsh Yuletide this week with Fiona Ritchie and special guest Cerys Matthews. The Welsh…
Dec 18, 2014

The Thistle & Shamrock: Alan Reid

Three decades after her journey into national radio started, host Fiona Ritchie meets up with the man who was her very first interview: Alan Reid,…
Nov 30, 2014

The Thistle & Shamrock: Dance Time

The rhythms of Celtic music work their way down into your feet; before you know it, you're dancing. Limber up and tune into this hour of music…
Nov 20, 2014

The Thistle & Shamrock: Islanders

From Shetland and Orkney to the Hebrides, the Isle of Man and Rathlin Island, this week's diverse choice of music is far from insular.Copyright 2014…
Nov 05, 2014

The Thistle & Shamrock: Brittany

Intoxicating melodies from Brittany fill the air this week, with Breton bands Kornog and Skolvan, vocalist Annie Ebrel and the father of contemporary…
Oct 23, 2014

The Thistle & Shamrock: New Fall Sounds 2

Join Thistle & Shamrock host Fiona Ritchie as she explores the latest batch of releases, showcasing what's new from established artists and emerging…
Oct 09, 2014

The Thistle & Shamrock: Lowlands

From shipyards and farmlands to mills and mining villages, the Scottish Lowlands have been a hive of activity for centuries. Tour the musical…
Oct 05, 2014

The Thistle & Shamrock: Canada

Travel to Cape Breton, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and on into the west to hear the authentic Celtic-rooted music of Canada.Copyright…
Oct 05, 2014

The Thistle & Shamrock: Irish Pairs

Few musical sounds make a more honest and direct statement than duos in the Irish tradition. Enjoy them combining their voices, guitars, fiddles,…
Sep 10, 2014

The Thistle & Shamrock: Combos

We revel in the joyous sounds of multi-instrumental line-ups this week, shamelessly embracing anarchy in determining "what-goes-with-what."Copyright…

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