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IMG 8194
May 07, 2021

Santa Rosa residents call for more police accountability

by Tessa Paoli
During this week’s special Santa Rosa city council meeting, spanning almost two full days, the public heard three reports interrogating Santa Rosa officers’ responses to the 2020 protests. They say Santa Rosa police used an unparalleled amount of…
syringe 3902915 640
Apr 30, 2021

Context is important when choosing J&J vaccine

by Tessa Paoli
Before the Johnson and Johnson vaccine was paused, Dr. Brian Prystowsky, a pediatrician and vaccine expert at Sutter Health in Santa Rosa, was excited about the one-dose shot. "I think that two weeks ago, I was primarily recommending Johnson and…
nurse 4967171 640
Apr 27, 2021

Sonoma County resumes use of J&J vaccine

by Tessa Paoli
In accordance with recommendations by federal and state health officials, Sonoma County is once again distributing the one-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine after a two week pause. In a statement Health Officer Dr. Sundari Mase said the vaccine is…
Apr 22, 2021

County holds its first COVID-19 briefing in Spanish

by Tessa Paoli
Instead of offering Spanish translations online during the meeting, like they’ve been doing for the past year, officials switched to Spanish as the primary language this week, with English translations available on Youtube. The change is an effort…
Screen Shot 2021 04 22 at 1.45.10 PM
Apr 22, 2021

Residents react to the Chauvin verdict

by Tessa Paoli
Photo of a Black Lives Matter Protest in 2020. (Photo by Adia White)Santa Rosa Jr. College student and activist Caitie Ferro cried when she first heard the news that Derek Chauvin was guilty of murder, and thought the dozens of marches she went to…
i am a student 1412778 640
Apr 16, 2021

Santa Rosa parents ask district to fully reopen

by Tessa Paoli
At least 250 parents in Santa Rosa city schools this week signed a letter asking the district to open full time, in accordance with the state’s updated reopening plan. On April 1st, the district began in-person instruction two shortened days a week…
Screen Shot 2021 04 14 at 5.52.45 PM
Apr 15, 2021

As vaccine eligibility opens, hesitation is the next hurdle

by Tessa Paoli
As of today, all adults in Sonoma County are eligible to sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine, but there’s still a lot of hesitancy about whether to get the shot. Sonoma County has successfully vaccinated 36 percent of the adult population, and is…
injection 5722329 640
Apr 14, 2021

J&J pause slows down vaccinations of vulnerable residents

by Tessa Paoli
Because the new J&J vaccine didn’t arrive in the county until March, so far it only makes up about three percent of those administered. But the single-dose vaccine has been important in getting shots to unsheltered and homebound folks. Now, a few…
Default Image
Apr 13, 2021

Businesses have more options in orange tier

by Tessa Paoli
After spending six months stuck in the state's most restrictive purple tier, Sonoma joined the majority of the Bay Area in the second least restrictive orange tier last week because of low COVID numbers in the county. Being in the orange tier means…
Apr 12, 2021

Windsor mayor under sex-crimes cloud

by Marc Albert
Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli is refusing to step down despite sex-crime allegations from half a dozen women, including a fellow city council member. An increasingly isolated Foppoli is rejecting calls to resign from just about every North Bay…
Apr 07, 2021

Sonoma County enters orange tier

by Tessa Paoli
Sonoma County's virtual community COVID-19 briefing.Less than a month after moving out of the state’s most restrictive purple tier, the County made it into the more relaxed orange tier Wednesday. The announcement comes a day after Governor Gavin…
IMG 7932 3
Apr 06, 2021

Health Fair vaccinates hundreds of residents

by Tessa Paoli
Art about the COVID-19 vaccine by Santa Rosa art nonprofit Raizes Collective at the Cesar Chavez Health Fair. People waited in line starting at 9 a.m. to get one of the 200 Moderna vaccines given out at last weekend’s Cesar Chavez Health Fair in…
Apr 01, 2021

Santa Rosa hands out weather radios to boost alert system

by Tessa Paoli
A NOAA Weather Radio. (photo courtesy of the City of Santa Rosa's website)Santa Rosa is boosting its ability to notify residents when a fire breaks out through weather radios. The battery-operated NOAA Weather Radio is common in the Midwest for…
Screen Shot 2021 03 31 at 10.19.40 AM
Mar 31, 2021

Sonoma County teens design quarantine mural

by Tessa Paoli
Santa Rosa-based art organization Artstart's Shelter in Place Mural. (photo courtesy of Jennifer Tatum). COVID has affected everyone, old and young. But for teenagers, being stuck at home has been especially challenging and often painful. That's why…
covid 19 4987797 1280
Mar 29, 2021

COVID-19 easing, while vaccine distribution hits bottleneck

by Marc Albert
By Marc Albert Improving data suggests vaccines are gaining the upper hand and COVID-19 related restrictions across Sonoma County may be eased as soon as next week. Yet troubling signs elsewhere suggest the pandemic is far from over. Among those 75…
Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 5.08.32 PM
Mar 24, 2021

New Data Shows an Uptick in Fatal Drug Overdoses

by Tessa Paoli
COVID-19 numbers are on the decline after Sonoma County moved into the state’s red tier a week and a half ago, but communities are facing other types of loss since the start of the pandemic. Sonoma County’s made progress in keeping case numbers low…
kelp 966305 640
Mar 19, 2021

Abalone season cancelled, at least until 2026

by Marc Albert
By Marc Albert With wild abalone populations decimated by a string of environmental setbacks, besides over-fishing. State officials reiterated Friday that recreational abalone fishing will be entirely forbidden this year. And that the fishery will…
Mar 19, 2021

Sonoma likely facing challenging drought

by Marc Albert
One of the driest winters on record locally, may cause serious water issues this summerBy Marc Albert The rainy season has hardly been generous. California’s two largest reservoirs are less full than they should be. While the statewide situation is…
031721 SC briefing1
Mar 17, 2021

Sonoma County schools planning April return to campus

by Greta Mart
About 70,000 school students across Sonoma County are heading back to classrooms in April. So far, 47 schools across Sonoma County have the green light to reopen soon to a hybrid model, said county supervisor Susan Gorin. “A list of local schools…
covid 19 4960254 640 1
Mar 12, 2021

Covid Restrictions to Ease Sunday

by Tessa Paoli
As predicted, declining new COVID-19 infections and other metrics will allow Sonoma County to ease pandemic-related restrictions this weekend. KRCB's Marc Albert has our story: The County will move into the so-called ‘red tier’ from the more…
IMG 1289
Mar 12, 2021

The Power of Art for Vaccine Outreach

by Tessa Paoli
Advocates, artists, healthcare professionals and residents gathered in Santa Rosa's Roseland Neighborhood on Valentines Day to showcase and pass out art about the Vaccine. (Photo courtesy of Isabel Lopez) West County Health Centers hired Isabel…
coronavirus 4957673 1280
Mar 10, 2021

Some COVID-19 restrictions may be lifted as soon as Sunday

by Marc Albert
By Marc Albert Sonoma County is on the brink of being able to lift some pandemic-related restrictions….as soon as this weekend. That could mean cinemas, gyms, museums, zoos, and restaurants could reopen, though none at full capacity. Orders limiting…
1176395 525823344149750 1670783702 n.png 632307 pixels
Mar 10, 2021

Sonoma schools readying classrooms for resumption of classes

by Marc Albert
Sonoma County schools are preparing for students’ return to campuses. Credit: “Courtesy of SCOE With vaccines more available, cases waning and the ink dry on a 6.6 billion dollar state plan, Sonoma County schools are preparing to resume in-person…
classroom 2093743 640
Mar 05, 2021

Santa Rosa Public Schools Plan Return To Classrooms April 1

by Tessa Paoli
Santa Rosa’s public school district and its teacher's union have agreed on a plan for getting kids back into classrooms on April 1. The tentative deal includes schedules, safety protocols and a timeline for teachers to access both​ doses of the…
covid 19 4960254 1280
Mar 03, 2021

Inching closer to the red tier

by Tessa Paoli
Since August, Sonoma County’s been stuck in the state’s most restrictive tier in terms of COVID-19 recovery. But the possibility of opening up the economy a bit more is finally possible. Sonoma’s one of four Bay Area counties still in the purple…
IMG 7516 2
Mar 02, 2021

Santa Rosa Clears a Large Homeless Encampment

by Tessa Paoli
Dozens of people living in Santa Rosa’s largest homeless encampment were forced to pack up and leave Tuesday morning. It marks Santa Rosas’s second encampment clearance in the past week. Activists showed up before sunrise to protest the clearing of…
syringe 5882594 1280
Feb 26, 2021

County Postpones Vaccine Appointments Due to Scarcity

by Tessa Paoli
Next week, Sonoma County is suspending all first dose vaccine appointments due to supply shortage. But the county will keep second dose appointments for both the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines. Sonoma County has been allocated 7,680 doses for…
vaccine 5873170 1920
Feb 24, 2021

The County is Nervous about Blue Shield's Vaccine Takeover

by Tessa Paoli
On March 7, Blue Shield of California will start administering Sonoma County’s vaccine rollout. The nonprofit insurer will take over the data collection and decide how many doses each provider receives. They’ll also streamline the sign-up process,…
vaccine 5895477 1280
Feb 19, 2021

County Shifts Vaccine Priority to 65 and Up and Food Workers

by Tessa Paoli
On Monday, residents 65 and older, along with food manufacturing, grocery store and restaurant workers will be eligible for a vaccine at one of the county-supported clinics. Prioritization will be given to those with server illnesses, such as cancer…
vaccine 5926664 1280
Feb 17, 2021

The County Still Faces a Vaccine Shortage

by Tessa Paoli
Two months into Sonoma County’s vaccine rollout, 19% of the adult population has received at least one dose. The county is keeping up with other Bay Area counties in vaccinating residents and has opened up dozens of clinics, but the biggest problem…
vaccine 4946480 640
Feb 10, 2021

The County Reaches for More Vaccine Data

by Tessa Paoli
Officials say Sonoma is administering vaccine doses at a faster rate than similarly sized counties. On February 10, officials announced the county has vaccinated nearly 50 percent of its residents who are 75 and older. But because of holes in…
final 4896425 640
Feb 09, 2021

The County Compromises on Eviction Limitations

by Tessa Paoli
On February 9, Sonoma’s Board of Supervisors voted to place more limitations on evictions during COVID-19. The amendment limits evictions to extreme circumstances, like when landlords can prove their tenants pose an imminent threat or danger, or…
Feb 06, 2021

Sonoma County Extends Stay-At-Home Order

by mark prell
State public health officials have extended a Stay-Home Order for the 11-county Bay Area region, including Sonoma County. The move comes as COVID-19 cases continue to rise and ICU capacity for the larger Bay Area region remains below 15%. The order…
vaccine 5873170 1280
Feb 03, 2021

The County Promises an Equitable Vaccine Rollout

by Tessa Paoli
Earlier this week Sonoma County reaffirmed its commitment to vaccinate the oldest seniors first, those 75 and older. Younger seniors were told to be patient, along with essential workers whose communities have been gravely affected by COVID-19. The…
corona 5174671 640
Feb 03, 2021

What We Need to Know: COVID in Sonoma County

by Tessa Paoli
What are the current county restrictions? Sonoma County is currently in the orange tier of the California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy. This is the second least restrictive tier and indicates that COVID-19 transmission is moderate. In the orange…
Nurses protesting outside of Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital. Photo courtesy of the California Nurses Association.
Jan 31, 2021

Santa Rosa Nurses Demand Safe Staffing

by Tessa Paoli
UPDATE: Earlier this week California’s Department of Public Health halted the staffing waivers. The State says they will not accept any new applications and all approved waivers will expire February 8, unless a hospital can prove “unprecedented…
injection 5722329 1920
Jan 27, 2021

Sonoma County Opens its First Clinic for Oldest Seniors

by Tessa Paoli
Sonoma County is following the state’s guidance to prioritize seniors ages 75 and up in its vaccine rollout. While there’s progress and hope in the air, there’s also a lot of confusion and frustration about when and where people can actually get a…
Student doing homeowork.
Jan 21, 2021

County Strategizes Reopening Schools

by Tessa Paoli
Covid-19 is rampant in Sonoma County and spreading faster than ever, which means kids are still stuck at home. While vaccines are being rolled out, the question about when kids will be able to go back to school is still up in the air. KRCB’s Tessa…
Jan 13, 2021

PBS Employee Makes Controversial Statements on Hidden Camera

by Darren LaShelle
Julian Wyllie of CURRENT news reports in a story entitled "PBS Distances Itself from Former Staff Attorney Ensnared in Project Veritas Sting," that Project Veritas, a group founded by conservative activist James O’Keefe, has released a video of a…
Dec 06, 2020

Understanding the New Regional Stay-At-Home Orders

by Darren LaShelle
Regional Stay Home Orders will go into effect within 24 hours in regions with less than 15% ICU availability, and prohibits private gatherings of any size, closes most businesses and services except for critical infrastructure and retail, and…
Screen Shot 2020 11 20 at 5.37.26 PM
Nov 20, 2020

Radio Special: Democracy In Santa Rosa's First District

by Adia White
In 2020, for the first time, residents of Southwest Santa Rosa voted for a city council member to represent their community. The election gave more power to historically disenfranchised neighborhoods in Santa Rosa. How will decades of inequity be…
IMG 9357
Nov 11, 2020

Rohnert Park Welcomes Three New Council Members

by Adia White
Rohnert Park has three new city council members. The wins also mean there will be more diversity on what was formerly an all-white council. One of the newcomers is Jackie Elward who won against long-time council member Jake Mackenzie. KRCB News…
Biden Harris AM
Nov 09, 2020

‘She’s From Oakland!’ Photos Capture Bay Area Celebrations of Biden-Harris Win

by Adia White
By Anne Wernikoff November 8, 2020 In the corner of California where Vice President-elect Kamala Harris grew up and launched her political career, residents cheered, danced, honked horns, donned American flags and popped champagne to celebrate the…
800px Wildfire California Santa Clarita
Nov 05, 2020

California Protects Homeowners From Having Fire Insurance Dropped — Again

by Adia White
By James Bikales November 5, 2020 As this year’s historic wildfire season winds down, Californians living in fire-prone territory got temporary relief from another threat: they can’t lose their homeowners’ insurance policies for another year.…
Nov 02, 2020

Slated For Deception? Beware of All Those Glossy Mailers Telling You How to Vote

by Adia White
By Ben Christopher, CalMatters Updated: Nov. 2, 2020 Amid the torrent of laminated campaign ads churning through the postal system this season, the slate mailer stands out as a perennial — and many say unseemly — California political tradition that…
Ballot drop box
Oct 21, 2020

Election 2020: Results, Voter Guides and More

by Adia White
By NorCal News Staff Looking for election results? We've put together key resources to help you find the information you need past election night. Find local news updates, live updated results, and interviews with experts looking ahead. California…
Candidate forum final
Oct 16, 2020

Santa Rosa Metro Chamber Hosts City Council Candidate Forum

by Adia White
NorCal News Team Oct. 16, 2020 At the end of September, the Santa Rosa Metro Chamber hosted a forum with city council candidates from districts 1, 3, 5, and 7. Listen to the forum below. Participating candidates: Eddie Alvarez - District 1 Duane De…
1600px Home of Warren G. Harding 2011
Oct 13, 2020

Annual State of the Latino Community Covers Gaps in Home Ownership

by Adia White
Sonoma County leadership organization, Los Cien, hosts an annual forum on the state of the Latino community. The topic this year was "Re-imagining Sonoma County Post Pandemic". Panelists focused on equity gaps in homeownership and how to fix them.…
Oct 02, 2020

SCHOOL CLOSURES for Thursday, October 1 & Friday, October 2, 2020…

by mark prell
The following school districts are confirmed to be closed through Friday, October 2, due to fire threat and evacuation: Bennett Valley Union School District (no distance learning) Kenwood School District (no distance learning) Rincon Valley Union…
Shady fire Calistoga road
Oct 01, 2020

Photojournalist Describes Monday Night's Firefight

by Adia White
Firefighters, law enforcement and others working to evacuate residents were all on the scene as the Glass fire made a fast run toward the city of Santa Rosa on Sunday night. Also out during those late hours was Erik Castro, a freelance…
calfire logo
Sep 30, 2020

Evacuation Orders Lifted for Some Santa Rosa Neighborhoods

by mark prell
Cal Fire announced Tuesday at 3:15 pm, evacuation orders are lifted for the following areas in Santa Rosa: All of Summerfield All of Spring Lake Northeast 1 Northeast 3/Middle Rincon Certain parts of the Calistoga-South/Skyhawk communities: west and…
37759841092 a187bd84ab b
Sep 29, 2020

Sonoma County Learns From Past Botched Care Home Evacuations

by Adia White
Sonoma County Supervisor Shirlee Zane has led the outreach effort to ensure that residents are getting the mental health support they need. She’s also been working to ensure that those housed at care facilities are evacuated safely and with ample…
Sep 29, 2020

Watch Cal Fire and Sonoma County's Glass Fire Updates

by Adia White
Sonoma County and Cal Fire host a joint press conference on the Glass Incident every evening at 5 p.m. Watch the press conferences here at 5 p.m. or on our facebook page @norcalpublic. . This article will update with the most recent press conference…
Sep 29, 2020

Sonoma County Glass Fire Evacuation Map: Updated Live

by Adia White
Monitor evacuation warnings and orders for the Glass Fire burning in Sonoma County. Please note that the map below is typically updated 15- 20 minutes after a Nixle evacuation alert is sent out. Sign up for Nixle by texting your zip code to 888-777.…
Sep 11, 2020

Sonoma County Supervisors Vote on 2020-2021 Budget

by Adia White
The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors is expected to finalize the county’s 2020-2021 budget today. Supervisors faced a 46-million-dollar deficit and spent Wednesday discussing where to make cuts. KRCB’s Adia White spoke with Board Chair Susan Gorin…
Sheba Person
Sep 02, 2020

Conversations on Race Series Addresses Policy Reform (Aired: September 3, 2020)

by Adia White
Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County has been hosting weekly conversations to discuss racism in our community. In Monday’s conversation, CAP's Communications Manager, Marcus Clarke, spoke with Sheba Person-Whitley, Executive Director of the…
Sep 02, 2020

Could Strong DAs Be a Solution to Police Accountability?

by Steve Mencher
Editor's Note: Solutions Journalism is a way of looking at problems and issues with an eye toward uncovering and explaining ways that communities have moved toward solving those problems. Find out more here. Driven by community input, our current…
Californian BoulderCreekFire 082120 sized 01
Aug 28, 2020

The West Is Burning, So California Struggles To Find Help Fighting Its Wildfires

by Adia White
BY JULIE CART , CALMATTERS AUGUST 28, 2020 California’s wildfire resources are the envy of the world: It owns the most extensive fleet of firefighting aircraft, and the largest and best-equipped crews. Yet, already this year, CalFire can’t keep up…
CoronavirusBall red CDChighrez
Aug 27, 2020

Kaiser Begins Phase 3 COVID-19 Vaccine Trial in Northern California

by Adia White
Northern California residents can now join the efforts to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. Kaiser Permanente began recruiting participants for an advanced clinical vaccine trial at the beginning of August. Dr. Nicola Klein, Director of the Kaiser…
incarcerated fire crews
Aug 26, 2020

Crew Shortage Reveals California's Reliance on Incarcerated Firefighters

by Adia White
California’s efforts to fight destructive fires across the state were hampered this year by an unexpected circumstance. Coronavirus precautions made inmate crews a less reliable source of labor. This system has long been criticized, as their pay…
Fire Cam 1
Aug 24, 2020

Farmworkers Risk Hazardous Air to Continue the Harvest

by Adia White
The LNU Lightning Complex Fires broke out in Napa and Sonoma Counties during this year’s peak grape harvest season. Reports are now surfacing that vineyard workers are being asked to continue the harvest despite poor air quality. KRCB’s Adia White…
Aug 21, 2020

Timely Film Tells Story of Napa, Sonoma Essential Workers

by Steve Mencher
In a film now available on the web and through KQED's series Truly, CA, Eva Rendle explores the aftermath of the 2017 Wine Country Fires, and their impact on agricultural workers and others at the bottom of the pay scale in our divided and unequal…
Axis HighHill
Aug 20, 2020

Concern Workers Are Being Asked To Harvest Despite Smoke

by Adia White
By NorCal News Staff August 20, 2020 During the 2019 Kincade Fire and 2017 Wine Country Fires, workers were asked to continue to work outdoors despite hazardous conditions. Often, they were not given masks. This concern is again surfacing as the…
DSC 9475
Aug 19, 2020

Sonoma County Reassures Voters Ahead of Election

by Adia White
Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has agreed to suspend changes to the USPS as 20 States announced plans to file a federal lawsuit. The states behind the lawsuit say these changes would disrupt mail service ahead of the November Election. KRCB’s Adia…
main photo signs Sebastopol PO
Aug 19, 2020

In Sebastopol, Out in the Streets for the Post Office

by Steve Mencher
Our roving photographer Diane Askew was in Sebastopol Monday, recording the demonstration there at the local post office. Those who showed up are watching carefully as the president says he may be delaying the mail to thwart voters. Hearings are…
CA 2020 Womens Suffrage Womens
Aug 18, 2020

Sonoma County Celebrates Centennial Of Women's Suffrage

by Adia White
Tuesday marked the centennial of the ratification of the 19th amendment, granting women the right to vote. But there is still much work to be done to increase voter enfranchisment. Events are planned throughout the week. KRCB’s Adia White spoke with…
Aug 18, 2020

Make Your Voice Count! Community Meeting Sept. 9, 7:00 pm

by Steve Mencher
In cooperation with Community Action Partnership, Sonoma County; the League of Women Voters, Sonoma County; and Los Cien; Northern California Public Media is helping lead a virtual Town Hall on Wednesday, September 9 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm for…
Edward wildfires
Aug 17, 2020

Officials Urge Residents to Prepare for High Fire Conditions

by Adia White
As the dog days of summer roll by, residents of Sonoma County can't help but worry about fire season. This year’s conditions are especially concerning, with recent temperatures soaring into the triple digits. KRCB’s Nate Charles has the story. We…
Aug 17, 2020

Trump Withheld Calif. Wildfire Aid Says Former DHS Official

by Steve Mencher
In a new video released on the eve of the Democratic convention, a top ranking former official in the Trump Department of Homeland Security says that the president told FEMA to withhold aid to California during the 2017 wildfires. "He was so…
Aug 17, 2020

Vox Video on Changing Approaches to Election Coverage

by Steve Mencher
In July, Northern California Public Media had the chance to attend a workshop on how journalists are abandoning "horse race" election coverage (Who's Up? Who's Down?) in favor of a more nuanced approach to elections that talks about what the…
Screen Shot 2020 08 13 at 5.46.00 PM
Aug 13, 2020

Board of Supervisors Rejects County Sheriff's Request to Fund Legal Services

by Adia White
Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick requested $50,000 from the Board of Supervisors on Wednesday for legal services. Essick intended to explore the legality of a ballot measure aimed at strengthening oversight of his office. KRCB’s Adia White reports.…
SonomaProtest5 size
Aug 12, 2020

Community Action Partnership Hosts Discussion on Law Enforcement Accountability

by Adia White
We're in the midst of a national debate about law enforcement oversight and accountability. That was the subject of this week's edition of the virtual "Community Conversations on Race". These interactive panels have been presented by local nonprofit…
Aug 11, 2020

Health Officials Warn Against Ending Protections For Renters

by Adia White
Housing and tenant advocates are concerned the State’s current eviction moratorium could end Friday, causing a wave of homelessness that would worsen the current public health crisis. On August 3rd, San Francisco Assemblymember David Chiu held a…
Aug 10, 2020

CEO Discusses Racism and Starting a Sonoma County Business

by Adia White
Every Monday, the Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County hosts a community conversation on race. On July 27, the conversation focused on the experience of local Black business owners and influences. In this excerpt, moderator Joy Dehnert…
KN Headshot
Aug 07, 2020

Changes to Police Oversight Set for November Ballot

by Steve Mencher
In an epic meeting of more than nine hours, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors covered a number of controversial topics yesterday. Among them, an agreement to put significant reforms of IOLERO, the police oversight office, on the ballot in…
npr podcast challenge
Aug 05, 2020

Local High Schoolers Are Finalists in NPR Podcast Contest

by Steve Mencher
Back for its second year, the NPR Student Podcast Challenge wrapped up in June. Among two thousand entries in grades 5 thru twelve, the story of Popo the Clown, a local entertainer, rose to be one of only 25 finalists, although it didn't win one of…
pexels brent keane 4157588
Aug 04, 2020

Sonoma County School Districts Move Carefully To Reopening

by Steve Mencher
Our friends at Sonoma West Publishers are a unique local resource. For years, they produced newspapers that reflected life in the towns of Cloverdale, Healdsburg, Windsor and West Sonoma County. Now only the Healdsburg paper continues in print,…
IMG 2789 2
Jul 30, 2020

Sonoma County Report Finds Santa Rosa Police Violated Protesters' Rights

by Adia White
At the beginning of July, The Sonoma County Human Rights Commission published a 40-page report titled, “Human Rights Violations in Santa Rosa California - Policing the Black Lives Matter Protests.” The report alleges numerous violations by law…
BLM mural ground
Jul 30, 2020

Sebastopol Celebrates Black Lives Matter in Art - Photos

by Steve Mencher
Photos and Text by Diane Askew On Friday evening, July 24, several hundred people came out to create Sebastopol’s Black Lives Matter mural. The mural was painted across the sidewalk in the town plaza. It consists of the words “Black Lives Matter,”…
Cannabis Dispensary flower
Jul 29, 2020

Could Looser Cannabis Permit Requirements Help Boost Tax Revenue?

by Adia White
When Sonoma County shut down this spring, cannabis businesses, deemed essential, were allowed to stay open. Now that the county is wrestling with a plunge in tax revenues, marijuana growers and sellers see an opportunity. Loosen permitting and other…
1600px 2020 census questionnaire
Jul 28, 2020

Local Organization Works To Get Everyone Counted On The 2020 Census

by Adia White
By Adia White, Nor Cal Public Media Posted July 28, 2020 The State of California is suing the Trump administration over an order that aims to block undocumented immigrants from being counted in the census. The effort is likely to fail. But some fear…
iolero logo carousel 500
Jul 28, 2020

Board of Supervisors To Vote On Ordinance To Strengthen Sheriff's Office Oversight

by Adia White
Next Tuesday, The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors is set to vote on an ordinance intended to strengthen the county’s law enforcement watchdog agency. The ordinance is named after the late activist Evelyn Cheatham. Its proponents say that The…
flu 5367898 1280
Jul 23, 2020

KBBF Informe: Licencia Por Enfermedad Remunerada, Paid Sick Leave

by Adia White
Por Edgar Avila, KBBF Radio This episode was produced by Edgar Avila, KBBF Radio This article is a summary of a KBBF informe special loosely translated by NorCal Public Media. Listen to the original version in Spanish below. Puedes escuchar este…
vote wallpaper flare credit
Jul 22, 2020

Lawyer in Voting Rights Cases Faces Death Threats

by Steve Mencher
News director Steve Mencher spoke with Malibu lawyer Kevin Shenkman this spring about his work convincing localities in California to move to district-based rather than at-large elections. He cites the California Voting Rights Act as the basis for…
Jul 22, 2020

Cómo postularse para ocupar un cargo para el consejo municipal en su ciudad o pueblo

by Adia White
Este video explica cómo postularse para ocupar un cargo de ayuntamiento. Según la ciudad de Santa Rosa, "El período de nominación de candidatos para las elecciones del Consejo de la Ciudad de Santa Rosa del 3 de noviembre de 2020 para los distritos…
little girl
Jul 20, 2020

BLM @ SRJC - July 11, 2020 - Photo Essay by Diane Askew

by Steve Mencher
Text and photos by Diane Askew On Saturday afternoon, July 11, several hundred people showed up for a rally on the campus of Santa Rosa Junior College. The event was sponsored by the school’s Black Student Union and Uplifting Black Leaders, a newly…
defund small
Jul 20, 2020

Santa Rosa Activist Describes What Defunding The Police Could Look Like

by Adia White
The national movement for racial justice following George Floyd’s killing has found a stage in Sonoma County. Libby is a local activist working with the grassroots group Love and Light. Libby, who is biracial, queer, trans, and gender-nonconforming,…
Jul 16, 2020

Filing Period For Running For Santa Rosa City Council Now Open

by Adia White
We provide local news updates on The North Bay Report Tuesday-Friday at 6:45, 8:45 a.m., and 5:30 p.m. on KRCB radio 91 and 90.9. Here's our North Bay Report episode for Friday, July 17. Subscribe to The North Bay Report podcast to listen on the go.…
law and justice concept
Jul 15, 2020

Board of Supervisors To Consider Ordinance Strengthening Law Enforcement Oversight

by Adia White
We provide local news updates on The North Bay Report Tuesday-Friday at 6:45, 8:45 a.m., and 5:30 p.m. on KRCB radio 91 and 90.9. Here's our North Bay Report episode for Thursday, July 16. Subscribe to The North Bay Report podcast to listen on the…
mime troupe
Jul 14, 2020

San Francisco Mime Troupe Pivots to Radio This COVID Summer

by Steve Mencher
For more than 50 years, one of the pleasures of summer life in the Bay Area has been the outdoor performances of the San Francisco Mime Troupe. This summer, of course, the season is cancelled. And so the Mime Troupe brings its progressive politics…
COVID 19 Nurse cropped
Jul 09, 2020

Sonoma County Reports 14 Covid Related Deaths With Five Tied To Skilled Nursing Facilities

by Adia White
We provide local news updates on The North Bay Report Tuesday-Friday at 6:45, 8:45 a.m., and 5:30 p.m. on KRCB radio 91 and 90.9. Here's our North Bay Report episode for Friday, July 10. Subscribe to The North Bay Report podcast to listen on the go.…
woman dog
Jul 09, 2020

Independence Day? How About Interdependence? Photo Story

by Steve Mencher
Photos by Diane Askew Saturday's July 4 holiday came in the midst of unprecedented upheaval in our community and in the world. Members of our community are continuing to come together and imagine what our society might look like if everyone had an…
sheriff badge
Jul 07, 2020

Lawsuit Against County Sheriff's Office Points to Numerous Brutality Cases

by Adia White
We provide local news updates on The North Bay Report Tuesday-Friday at 6:45, 8:45 a.m., and 5:30 p.m. on KRCB radio 91 and 90.9. The following is a two-part interview that aired Thursday, July, 2nd and Wednesday, July 8. The full-length interview…
Jul 07, 2020

Santa Rosa City Council to Vote on Emergency Sick Leave

by Steve Mencher
We provide local news updates on The North Bay Report Tuesday-Friday at 6:45, 8:45 a.m., and 5:30 p.m. on KRCB radio 91 and 90.9. Here's our North Bay Report episode for Tuesday, July 7. Subscribe to The North Bay Report podcast to listen on the go.…
lady shirt
Jul 06, 2020

Hope, Strength, Protest. Another Story in Photos

by Steve Mencher
Photos and Text by Diane Askew On Thursday, July 2, a daylong rally was held at Santa Rosa’s Old Courthouse Square to protest systemic racism. The protest was organized by president Rubin Scott of the Sonoma County chapter of the NAACP. From a small…
red head rainbow
Jun 30, 2020

Cycle for Life Celebrates Black Lives Matter and Pride

by Steve Mencher
Photographer Diane Askew has long worked locally as a wedding photographer. That work is on hold due to the pandemic. Instead Askew has been documenting the stories of our community as we work through grief and anger. In her recent essay Askew…
Jun 30, 2020

Applications for CalFresh Double During the Coronavirus Pandemic

by Adia White
We provide local news updates on The North Bay Report Tuesday - Friday at 6:45, 8:45 a.m., and 5:30 p.m. on KRCB radio 91 and 90.9. Here's our North Bay Report episode for Wednesday, July 1. Subscribe to The North Bay Report podcast to listen on the…
Jun 29, 2020

DACA Recipient Reflects On Supreme Court Decision to Uphold Protections for Dreamers

by Adia White
We provide local news updates on The North Bay Report Tuesday-Friday at 6:45, 8:45 a.m., and 5:30 p.m. on KRCB radio 91 and 90.9. Here's our North Bay Report episode for Wednesday, June 24. Subscribe to The North Bay Report podcast to listen on the…
IMG 2806
Jun 26, 2020

Informe en Español: KBBF Hosts Special On Black Lives Matter Movement

by Adia White
This article is a translated, partial summary of KBBF’s 30-minute special. Listen to the complete version in Spanish below. In this thirty-minute special, KBBF’s Edgar Avila speaks with Sonoma County residents about racism in our community and the…
Screen Shot 2020 06 26 at 10.39.41 AM
Jun 26, 2020

Could Racially Motivated 911 Calls Become Hate Crimes?

by Adia White
By Elizabeth Castillo, CalMatters Barbecuing at Lake Merritt in Oakland. Selling water without a permit. Both instances in which a Black person was doing something deemed criminal by a white person. Both instances in which a white person called the…
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