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Bay Area Bountiful: Water and Wildfires
On this edition of Bay Area Bountiful, we take a look at Water and Wildfires. First, we look at the potential impact of the recent fires on endangered and threatened fish species native to our rivers and streams as well as the ongoing conservation efforts to protect them. Then, we visit a wastewater...
The endangered coho salmon that inhabit the Russian River watershed are fighting for their survival. What threat do recent California wildfires pose to these fish and what are conservationists doing to save the coho from extinction? Watch this Bay Area Bountiful video to find out. (Producer-Director...
Gleidson Martins of News UpNOW reports for NorCal Public Media on animal shelters taking animal evacuations and rescues during the Glass Fire.
The high cost of real estate in the Bay Area has made buying a home out of reach for many Sonoma County residents. Nonprofit Habitat for Humanity is starting to employ pre-fab building techniques on its local projects in an effort to reduce building costs and increase the availability of affordable...
KRCB/KBBF Facebook Live Event
On October 2, 2018, KRCB and KBBF provided this live stream of a special community event examining our community one year after the North Bay Fires.
Stories from the Fire: MUSIC
Musician Eki Shola, who lost her home in the 2017 Sonoma County fires, is among a group of local musicians who have recorded music to help heal those recovering after the disaster. The music is part of a benefit cd recorded at Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati that will provide instruments to those who...
Stories from the Fire: ART
Three local artists, whose work is featured in the Museum of Sonoma County exhibition, "From the Fire: A Community Reflects and Rebuilds" talk about the impact of the wildfires on their artistic process.
Fire Recovery Reporting
Since the October 2017 North Bay Fires, Northern California Public Media has been reporting on the recovery of the community. From housing challenges to mental health and self expression, this video excerpts 13 different selected reports to give an overview of our reporting initiative. Find out more...
On the night of the October wildfires, many Spanish speakers in our community were left to make life or death decisions with little to no information in their language. "Los Olvidados" tells the story of how our public institutions largely forgot about the Spanish-speaking community during this disa...
From the Fire
Northern California Public Media News Director Steve Mencher and Museum of Sonoma County Director Jeff Nathanson visit three local artists whose work is featured in the museum's exhibition, "From the Fire: A Community Reflects and Rebuilds."
The New Normal: Visions of Healing
This special looks at our community one year after the October fires that killed 44 and obliterated neighborhoods in Santa Rosa and the surrounding towns. We visit musicians, poets and visual artists who are trying to represent the calamity in ways that promote resiliency, and talk with members of t...
Living with Fire Symposium - Speaker: ALEXANDRA SYPHARD
Alexandra Syphard is a research ecologist who investigates landscape change that results from the interplay between human and natural disturbances, especially wildfire, urban development, and climate change.
Living With Fire Symposium- DISCUSSION: Panel 1
Alexandra Syphard, David Ackerly, and Leroy Westerling answer questions from the audience during the discussion portion of the ‘Living With Fire’ Symposium at Sonoma State University.
Living With Fire Symposium- Speaker: LISA MICHELI
Lisa Micheli discusses Pepperwood and the research being conducted by the organization at the ‘Living With Fire’ Symposium at Sonoma State University. Micheli speaks about partnerships in Sonoma County and the results of their work.
Living With Fire Symposium- Speaker: LEROY WESTERLING
Leroy Westerling discusses how different ecosystems respond to wild fire at the ‘Living With Fire’ Symposium at Sonoma State University. Westerling talks about his research of California’s Central and North Coast Ranges.
Caerleon Safford discusses pathways to a fire adapted future at the ‘Living With Fire’ Symposium at Sonoma State University. Safford focuses on the role of fire safe councils and Firewise communities.
Living With Fire Symposium- DISCUSSION: Panel 3
Caerleon Safford, Ben Nicholls, and Yana Valachovic answer questions from the audience during the discussion portion of the ‘Living With Fire’ Symposium at Sonoma State University.
Living With Fire Symposium- DISCUSSION: Panel 2
Sarah McCaffrey, Lisa Micheli, Jeff Kane, and Will Harling answer questions from the audience during the discussion portion of the ‘Living With Fire’ Symposium at Sonoma State University.
Living With Fire Symposium- Speaker: BEN NICHOLLS
CAL Fire Division Chief Ben Nicholls discusses defensible space at the ‘Living With Fire’ Symposium at Sonoma State University. Nicholls explains how to control ignition near a home.
Living With Fire Symposium- Speaker: WILL HARLING
Will Harling discusses the public’s relationship with fire at the ‘Living With Fire’ Symposium at Sonoma State University. Harling looks at how to embrace fire as a resource in the future.
Living With Fire Symposium- Speaker: YANA VALACHOVIC
Yana Valachovic discusses home design and retrofitting techniques for wild fire defense at the ‘Living With Fire’ Symposium at Sonoma State University. Valachovic highlights different methods to best prepare a home.
Where Will They Go? Homelessness in Santa Rosa
Camp Michela/Last Chance Camp is a homeless encampment in the Roseland area of Santa Rosa. After the North Bay Fires, many people found themselves without any place to stay. The homeless population in the area has grown steadily. Municipal and County governments keep moving the homeless from one are...
The New Normal Rebuilding Homes and Lives
On this edition of The New Normal: Rebuilding Homes and Lives , we’ll find out how October’s wildfires made our tight housing market even more precarious, especially for the area’s most vulnerable residents. As the community rebuilds, we put the spotlight on renters, the homeless, and others who wer...
Shelter from the Storm
Habitat for Humanity plans to construct “Sonoma Cottages” to help alleviate the North Bay’s housing shortage following last October’s devastating fires. Watch this KRCB video to learn more. (Producer-Director: Joshua Dylan Mellars) - Fire Footage Courtesy of
Newsmaker Conversation: Wilder than Wild
Director Kevin White and Writer/Producer Stephen Most created the film "Wilder than Wild: Fire, Forest and the Future." The film examines how we rely on the forests for many ecological services, yet they are at risk for catastrophic wildfires due to five years of drought. More fuels lead to more fir...
Musicians Eki Shola and Allen Sudduth lost their homes in the Sonoma County fires. They are among a group of local musicians who are raising money to replace instruments lost in the fires with a special album recorded at Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati. Produced by Joshua Dylan Mellars (Fire Footage C...
The New Normal: What's Now? What's Next?
This program features a look at the first steps in the North Bay's rebuilding and recovery process after the North Bay Wildfires. KRCB News Director, Steve Mencher, speaks with representatives of the UnDocuFund, we explore the poignant story of a family sifting through the ashes of their former home...
Steve Mencher Speaks with Karissa Kruse
KRCB News Director Steve Mencher speaks with Karissa Kruse, President of Sonoma County Winegrowers. Karissa talks about what damage wineries have experienced due to the fires, what the wine industry is doing to ensure worker safety, and the fund the Sonoma County Grape Growers Foundation and the Son...
Steve Mencher Speaks with Ana Lugo
KRCB News Director Steve Mencher speaks with Ana Lugo, President of the North Bay Organizing Project. Ana talks about the difficulties undocumented community members face in the aftermath of the fires, and about UndocuFund, a fund created specifically to provide financial aid to undocumented individ...
This program brings us stories from the inferno, from those families fleeing the fire with their precious pets, to updates on the ongoing repopulation. We talk with Karissa Kruse, president of Sonoma County Winegrowers about the fire's effect on her industry, including the hundreds of workers whose...
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NorCal News

  • IMG 8194
    May 07, 2021

    Santa Rosa residents call for more police accountability

    During this week’s special Santa Rosa city council meeting, spanning almost two full days, the public heard three reports interrogating Santa Rosa officers’ responses to the 2020 protests. They say Santa Rosa police used an unparalleled amount of tear gas and four unauthorized barricade rounds…
  • syringe 3902915 640
    April 30, 2021

    Context is important when choosing J&J vaccine

    Before the Johnson and Johnson vaccine was paused, Dr. Brian Prystowsky, a pediatrician and vaccine expert at Sutter Health in Santa Rosa, was excited about the one-dose shot. "I think that two weeks ago, I was primarily recommending Johnson and Johnson vaccine to everybody, literally before this…
  • nurse 4967171 640
    April 27, 2021

    Sonoma County resumes use of J&J vaccine

    In accordance with recommendations by federal and state health officials, Sonoma County is once again distributing the one-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine after a two week pause. In a statement Health Officer Dr. Sundari Mase said the vaccine is safe and the risk of developing blood clots is…
    April 22, 2021

    County holds its first COVID-19 briefing in Spanish

    Instead of offering Spanish translations online during the meeting, like they’ve been doing for the past year, officials switched to Spanish as the primary language this week, with English translations available on Youtube. The change is an effort to reach the county’s Latinx communities, who have…
  • Screen Shot 2021 04 22 at 1.45.10 PM
    April 22, 2021

    Residents react to the Chauvin verdict

    Photo of a Black Lives Matter Protest in 2020. (Photo by Adia White)Santa Rosa Jr. College student and activist Caitie Ferro cried when she first heard the news that Derek Chauvin was guilty of murder, and thought the dozens of marches she went to over the past year might have led to change. "All…
  • i am a student 1412778 640
    April 16, 2021

    Santa Rosa parents ask district to fully reopen

    At least 250 parents in Santa Rosa city schools this week signed a letter asking the district to open full time, in accordance with the state’s updated reopening plan. On April 1st, the district began in-person instruction two shortened days a week for elementary aged children. Next will be…
  • Screen Shot 2021 04 14 at 5.52.45 PM
    Apr 15, 2021

    As vaccine eligibility opens, hesitation is the next hurdle

    As of today, all adults in Sonoma County are eligible to sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine, but there’s still a lot of hesitancy about whether to get…
  • injection 5722329 640
    Apr 14, 2021

    J&J pause slows down vaccinations of vulnerable residents

    Because the new J&J vaccine didn’t arrive in the county until March, so far it only makes up about three percent of those administered. But the…
  • Default Image
    Apr 13, 2021

    Businesses have more options in orange tier

    After spending six months stuck in the state's most restrictive purple tier, Sonoma joined the majority of the Bay Area in the second least…
  • Apr 12, 2021

    Windsor mayor under sex-crimes cloud

    Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli is refusing to step down despite sex-crime allegations from half a dozen women, including a fellow city council member.…
    Apr 07, 2021

    Sonoma County enters orange tier

    Sonoma County's virtual community COVID-19 briefing.Less than a month after moving out of the state’s most restrictive purple tier, the County made…
  • IMG 7932 3
    Apr 06, 2021

    Health Fair vaccinates hundreds of residents

    Art about the COVID-19 vaccine by Santa Rosa art nonprofit Raizes Collective at the Cesar Chavez Health Fair. People waited in line starting at 9…
  • Document
    Apr 01, 2021

    Santa Rosa hands out weather radios to boost alert system

    A NOAA Weather Radio. (photo courtesy of the City of Santa Rosa's website)Santa Rosa is boosting its ability to notify residents when a fire breaks…
  • Screen Shot 2021 03 31 at 10.19.40 AM
    Mar 31, 2021

    Sonoma County teens design quarantine mural

    Santa Rosa-based art organization Artstart's Shelter in Place Mural. (photo courtesy of Jennifer Tatum). COVID has affected everyone, old and young.…
  • covid 19 4987797 1280
    Mar 29, 2021

    COVID-19 easing, while vaccine distribution hits bottleneck

    By Marc Albert Improving data suggests vaccines are gaining the upper hand and COVID-19 related restrictions across Sonoma County may be eased as…
  • Screen Shot 2021 03 24 at 5.08.32 PM
    Mar 24, 2021

    New Data Shows an Uptick in Fatal Drug Overdoses

    COVID-19 numbers are on the decline after Sonoma County moved into the state’s red tier a week and a half ago, but communities are facing other types…

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