Information about the North By Area fires.

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The endangered coho salmon that inhabit the Russian River watershed are fighting for their survival. What threat do recent California wildfires pose to these fish and what are conservationists doing to save the coho from extinction? Watch this Bay Area Bountiful video to find out. (Producer-Director...
Crista Barnett Nelson, Executive Director of Senior Advocacy Services, speaks with NorCal Public Media News Director Adia White about the recent evacuations...
Gleidson Martins of News UpNOW reports for NorCal Public Media on animal shelters taking animal evacuations and rescues during the Glass Fire.
Maria Cardenas, Chairperson of nonprofit organization Ya-Ka-Ama, speaks to NorCal Public Media News Director Adia White about the evacuation and resource cen...
Photojournalist Erik Castro speaks with NorCal Public Media News Director Adia White about the evacuations of elderly community members he photographed at th...
Sonoma County Supervisor Shirlee Zane speaks with NorCal Public Media News Director Adia White about mental health resources and protections for individuals...
Sonoma County Supervisor Susan Gorin talks with NorCal Public Media News Director Adia White about the latest on the Glass Fire, as of 9/28/2020.
MartinMartin Zuniga is a sculptor and painter. His home was surrounded by fire in October 2017. Through a mentorship and teaching project with youth, Zuniga created a mural project that reflects themes of endurance, survival, and endurance.

VolkerGuitarist Volker Strifler cannot imagine what it would be like for a musician to lose all of their instruments in a natural disaster. Instruments become a part of the musician. This inspired him to collaborate on the benefit music CD “Out of the Fire.” He believes we need to focus on the spirit as well as the physical aspects of fire recovery.


MarkMark “Mooka” Rennick, the owner of Prairie Sun Recording Studios, produced and performed on a benefit CD called “Out of the Fire.” The proceeds will go to replace the instruments musicians and music students lost in the fire.


AdamFound object artist Adam Shaw and his family survived the North Bay Wildfires fighting back the flames around their Sonoma Valley home. The objects he has collected and curated are used within his evocative works of art to express the damage that trauma can inflict, and also the hope that it can inspire.

EkiMusician Eki Shola and her family narrowly escaped the North Bay Wildfires. Shola lost her home, instruments, and creative archive of music. She perseveres by creating new music that expresses her new appreciation for life. Music is a family affair with Eki Shola, her father has created new percussion sounds using found objects from the wreckage of the fire.


On Monday night, The City of Santa Rosa invited the community to attend a ceremony and express themselves with chalk art in Courthouse Square.

KRCB reporter Adia White met the Terrazas family there. She listened to the stories of 15-year-old Isabella and younger brother Jesse.Their family was separated after they lost their  home in the Tubb’s fire. They are now living apart with friends and other family members. Terrazas Family Courthouse SquareThe Terrazas family, with 15-year-old Isabella on the left and 12-year-old Jesse in the middle. Credit: Adia White

KimberlyNew media artists Kimberly Koym-Murteira is preserving memories of the North Bay Wildfires through the unique medium of glass storage jars that project video footage. Koym-Murteira views this capture and display technique as a way to store and share memories that have shaped our community.

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