All right. Some bittersweet news from the world of K-pop this week.


BTS: (Singing in Korean).

GREENE: That's the sound of

Korean pop supergroup BTS.


Last weekend, the seven-member boy band announced that they're taking a break from releasing music and performing.

IMELDA IBARRA: There are fans that are sad because we don't know how long this break is going to be.

GREENE: That's one fan, Imelda Ibarra. She's founder of the fan group US BTS Army. Now, BTS rose to stardom in 2013 and became the first K-pop group to top the U.S. Billboard charts three times.

MARTIN: They're hoping to come back from this break stronger. A press release from their label says BTS says the hiatus will give them a chance to, quote, "recharge and prepare to present themselves anew." Ibarra said she thinks the break is a good thing.

IBARRA: Just to think that they get to take a long time off to really just do what they want, be with their families, hang out with their friends. For me, it's very exciting.

GREENE: Yeah, who doesn't want a long time off if you can get it? So there's no set end date for this break, but US BTS Army leader Jackie Rojas is not worried.

JACKIE ROJAS: They'll be back. It's just a little vacation.


BTS: (Singing in Korean).

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