In a disaster we all have our jobs to do. There are firefighters, doctors, construction workers and there are journalists. Tess Vigeland, former host of public radio’s “Marketplace” decided what she could contribute to survivors of this year’s wildfires was her skills as a reporter and host. As the Camp Fire was brought under control, she headed to Chico to start a half-hour daily show on the Aftermath. KRCB’s Adia White talked with her about the experience. 

In the latest "After Paradise" special, Vigeland talks with survivors of the Tubbs fire about their advice to those pieceing their lives back together in Butte County. The episode was produced in conjunction with Northern California Public Media.  

Vigeland headshot bw

(Photo: Host of "After Paradise" Tess Vigeland. Courtesy of: Tess Vigeland)


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