PG&E’s ballot measure to block Community-based green energy operations, such as those in Sonoma and Marin Counties, was rejected by voters in 2010. Now the utility is

trying again, through a measure in the state legislature, where they have lined up some influential union support behind it.

   If AB 2145 passes the Senate—and is subsequently signed into law by Governor Brown—the already existing renewable power providers in Sonoma and Marin Counties would be only partially affected, hampered in their efforts to add more customers. The more direct impacts, says the Climate Protection Campaign’s Ann Hancock, would be felt elsewhere across the state.

This is the third time PG&E has tried to eliminate the competition from community choice power suppliers, notes Marin Clean Energy’s Executive Officer, Dawn Weisz. After their ballot measure failed in 2010, the big utility made its first attempt at a legislative countermeasure.

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