terell croppedTo end our week of previews, here’s another excerpt from our podcast on environmental justice. “Living Downstream” is the title and guiding metaphor. It sometimes means you show up at work every day, despite the danger, because you need the job.

Civilian workers at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida tested Agent Orange there during the Vietnam War. As reporter Jon Kalish discovered, when the government settled with veterans exposed to this pesticide, civilian workers were left behind.

As they age and become sick, some are still hoping to prevail in court. But so far, lawyers interested in helping don’t have the deep pockets needed to pursue such a case.


Listen to The Forgotten Civiiians of Eglin Air Force Base on our website.

Listen to reporter Jon Kalish's interview with the NPR News program Here and Now.

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(Pictured: Terell Ratlin, who died soon after being interviewed by Jon Kalish for this story. Credit: Jon Kalish)

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