Frequently asked questions about KRCB Television 22 and Radio 91

Where is KRCB located?
The station’s headquarters and studios are in Rohnert Park, California, at 5850 Labath Ave. The microwave communications tower on our site is visible from Highway 101 and the surrounding areas.


Television is transmitted from a site on Sonoma Mountain. Radio is transmitted from Geyser Peak. In addition, television has a translator in Hopland and radio has a translator in Santa Rosa.

What if I am having a problem with the Closed Captioning, or it is garbled or it is not there at all?

Please contact us at our studios with your questions and we will respond promptly

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Who runs the station?
Rural California Broadcasting Corporation, as a nonprofit organization, has a Board of Directors.
Nancy Dobbs is the President and CEO.

How long has KRCB been on the air?
The television station began broadcasting on December 2, 1984. Radio 91 began broadcasting on September 5, 1994.

What do the call letters KRCB stand for?
The K is the Federal Communications Commission designation that we are broadcasting west of the Mississippi River. RCB stands for Rural California Broadcasting Corporation; the nonprofit organization that owns the KRCB broadcast licenses. Rural California Broadcasting Corporation received its nonprofit status on January 17, 1981.

What does the television station broadcast?
KRCB Television 22 is a member of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Programming on the station includes well-known PBS shows such as Nova, Masterpiece Theatre, NewsHour, and Frontline, and well-known PBS kids programming such as Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, and Clifford the Big Red Dog. KRCB also carries cooking shows, craft shows, British comedies, nature, and science shows.

KRCB has a commitment to locally and independently produced programming. Such programs are available throughout the schedule and include Natural Heroes, Democracy Now!, and Expressions. KRCB also provides live and up-to-the-minute local, state and national election coverage, and has won a national award for its performing arts programming.

What does the radio station broadcast?
KRCB FM 91 is a National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate and airs NPR programming such as Morning Edition and All Things Considered. During the day, 9am-3pm, KRCB broadcasts classical music. The evening and weekend programming showcases Roots-Americana, Sonoma County singer-songwriters, and an array of folk and acoustic music. Local essayists, food writers, film reviewers, and haiku creators all contribute to Radio 91’s eclectic mix. Public affairs programming includes Bruce Robinson’s North Bay Report, North Bay Stock Report,and Sonoma Spotlight daily.

Does KRCB produce any local programming?KRCB Radio and Television produce many hours of local programming each year under the mission statement of “Telling Our Stories and Connecting Our Communities”. Among the local television series we produce are Expressions and Heritage Minutes.

Natural Heroes is KRCB's award-winning series of independently produced films that share a common theme: people who are actively making a positive difference for our environment. This nationally distributed series has been honored with three Emmy™ awards, three Telly™ awards and an Insight award. Natural Heroes has aired on Public Television stations all across the United States, Puerto Rico, and into Canada, reaching an estimated 90 million viewers. Watch Natural Heroes, Mondays at 7:30pm, and viewable online anytime at

KRCB Radio 91 aims to reflect the cultural life of the community and as such, it features largely local programming, from broadcasts of the Santa Rosa Symphony toCurtain Call, a weekly program about the arts interviewing artists giving local performances, fromOut of the Box, a weekly program featuring new classical CDs toOutbeat Salon, a weekly program focused on lesbian and gay issues. It also emphasizes literary programming withA Novel Idea, Sonoma County’s very own on-air book club. KRCB’sVoice of Youthprogram is a highly successful project with local high school youth. From classical to folk to jazz, Radio 91 presents music programming not easily found anywhere else.

What is the station’s broadcast area?
In a combination of broadcast range and cable distribution, KRCB Television 22 can be seen as far north as Hopland in Mendocino County, east to include all of Napa County and parts of Solano and Contra Costa counties, and south to encompass San Francisco, South San Francisco, Daly City, and the East Bay through Oakland. KRCB Television 22 has a potential audience of 2.4 million people. Via two satellite systems, KRCB can be viewed throughout the entire Bay Area and beyond.

Radio 91 broadcasts to Northern and Western Sonoma Counties – and internationally on the web. It is also available throughout the Bay Area via Comcast Cable, and Satellite.

On what channel is KRCB Television located?If you are receiving KRCB on an antenna, you will find us on analog UHF Channel 22, and digital channels 22-1, 22-2 and 22-3. If you are a subscriber to Comcast Cable, you will find us on Cable Channel 22 in Sonoma, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, and Contra Costa counties as well as the city of Oakland. If you are a satellite subscriber we are on DISH Satellite on channel 22 or 8233, and DirecTV on Channel 22. If you are a subscriber to AT&T U-Verse-TV, you will find KRCB on Channel 22 as well.

If you receive us over the air and you have a digital receiver or converter box, you will see KRCB digital Channel 22-1, 22-2 and 22-3. Currently 22-1 broadcasts our normal PBS and independent programming. Digital Channel 22-2 broadcasts Create™ TV's popular "How-To" programs. Digital Channel 22-3 broadcasts the audio from our sister station, KRCB-FM. Both channels 22-2 and 22-3 are only receivable via antenna directed toward Sonoma Mountain, not via cable or satellite.

Where can I find KRCB Radio 91?
KRCB radio can be found on 91.1FM and 90.9FM in Western and Northern Sonoma County.

Comcast Cable 961.

I can listen to Radio 91 on my TV?
You can listen to KRCB Radio on KRCB TV 22’s SAP, or Second Audio Program, which most new television sets provide. To select the SAP channel on your TV, consult the owner’s manual or call the store where you purchased the television. Generally, the SAP is either a mechanical switch labeled “stereo-mono-sap” or a menu accessed programming function using your remote control.

Why doesn’t radio have the same broadcast coverage as television?
The FCC has licensed KRCB Television and KRCB FM for different coverage areas.

Is KRCB Radio 91 available online?
Absolutely! Go to and follow the instructions. To download past radio (and TV) programs click “On Demand” and follow the links.

How many people are employed by KRCB?
The station employs 36 people, 16 of them full time.

What do they all do?
Even though the station runs “lean and mean,” it takes quite a few hands to see to all of the functions of the station, which includes engineering, programming, production, accounting and support services, archiving, membership, premium fulfillment, auction services, volunteer relations, underwriting, marketing and more.

In addition, volunteers provide a tremendous amount of support to the station. Some volunteers are “regulars,” and may have regular radio programs. Others show up to help with special events, such as television auctions, pledge drives and election night coverage, when there might be as many as 45 or 50 volunteers in the building helping out.

Why do you have to do those pledge drives?One of the ways we are able to bring you the NPR/PBS favorites and the local programs you love is because of people like you whose membership constitutes one-third of our budget. We can only do so much by mail because the cost is prohibitive, so we use our airtime to show great programs and reach potential and returning members. Besides, there are some great performers and artists who you have a chance to see on pledge specials!

How do I “advertise” on your station?
We call it underwriting or program sponsorship and there are specific FCC guidelines on content. Underwriting can either be in the form of cash or a trade for goods or services. Contact Stan Marvin in the Underwriting Department for more information at (707) 584-2010.

What is the station’s budget?
For fiscal year 2010 the budget was $3.5 million.

Where does the station’s funding come from?
California is one of only eight states that do not provide some sort of direct support for public broadcasting, so KRCB’s funding comes from a variety of
other sources. Approximately one third of the FY 2010 budget comes from radio and television membership. One third of the budget comes from business support such as underwriting sales and auction donations. And one third of the funding comes in the form of grants from CPB and other sources.

Is my donation tax deductible?
All monetary donations are tax deductible unless you receive a gift. In that case, the tax deductible amount would be less the fair market value of the gift.

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