Please register before bidding; once you’ve registered you will only need to put your name on the bid form and won’t have to provide additional contact data. The opening or current bid for each item is indicated. You have the option to provide us with your maximum bid for each item. If you give us a maximum bid, we will bid on your behalf, in the minimum bid increments for each item, not to exceed your maximum amount. Bids will be updated by the auction department at least hourly.

The closing day and time for each item is indicated. All items with a retail value of $500 or greater will close live during our Auction Grand Finale on Sunday July 27th, 8pm to 10pm. During the Grand Finale, you are welcome to either bid online or call in your bid to 800-287-2722. Online bidding will close a few minutes prior to the items closing on TV. Please do not make a last minute bid via the website. Please call in your bid to 800-287-2722.

If you are the high bidder you will be called, generally within a couple hours of an item closing, by our confirmation department. You will be asked for your VISA, Mastercard, Discovercard or debit card number. We cannot accept cash or checks.

Gift certificates will be mailed at no charge beginning July 30th. Pick-up of merchandise is by appointment only, beginning July 30th, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm, at KRCB. Please do not just “stop by” KRCB without an appointment to pick-up your item as there might not be an auction representative available to help you. Merchandise can be shipped to you at an additional cost based upon weight and destination. There is also a $5.00 service charge for shipping.

KRCB reserves the right to accept or reject any bid. If your bid is accepted as the high bid, you are legally responsible for paying for the item.

KRCB reserves the right to modify closing times, remove any item offered for sale, re-offer for sale items that are disputed and reject any bid at any time for any reason. All bidders must be at least 18 years old.

Unless otherwise stated, airfare is NOT included with hotel accommodations

ALL accommodations and many other items are subject to availability with advance reservations required; many hotels have blackout dates which are generally holiday periods.

We are required to charge sales tax on merchandise!

Manipulative practices in auction bidding will prohibit you from winning the item. We are savvy in determining these practices and work with local authorities to prevent and prosecute.

Please note: we are not a travel agency nor a mediation service. You are solely responsible for resolution of any dispute that may arise with a donor after purchase of an item. No refunds or exchanges will be made. If you are the high bidder on an item and you are not certain it is exactly what you want, you may decline it when you receive a call from confirmation. All goods or services sold are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-EXCHANGEABLE.

REMEMBER: when you bid during auction, you’re doing more than getting a unique item – you are helping to keep KRCB Television 22 on the air!

Thank you! We appreciate your participation and GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Northern California
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