Northern California Public Media Mission Statement

In order to encourage full participation in society and community, Northern California Public Media provides educational, informational and cultural telecommunication services in partnership with our community.


Establish Northern California Public Media as a highly visible local arts, cultural, educational, news, and community information media hub, offering a unique service to the Bay Area in order to encourage full participation in community and society.

Expand Northern California Public Media's options in providing and responding to new technologies through enhancement of technological functions and equipment.

Expand Northern California Public Media's sphere of influence through community alliances and collaborations.

Pursue financial growth to support mission statement and strategic plan goals.

Meetings and Documents:

The Rural California Broadcasting Corporation (which owns and operates Northern California Public Media), is the licensee of KRCB TV in the North Bay, KPJK TV in the South Bay, and KRCB FM Radio 91, and is committed to the transparency of the workings of this organization. To that end we wish our community to know:
Our Board meetings and Board Committee meetings are open to the public, except when certain defined topics, such as legal or personnel matters, are under discussion. All meetings, below, are held at the Northern California Public Media studios (5850 Labath Avenue, Rohnert Park). For more information call (707) 584-2000. Minutes of the Board and Board Finance Committee meetings are available at our studios Monday through Friday from 9am - 5pm, for viewing or copying (for a small fee).          

2018 Board Meetings:

January 12        Investment Advisory Committee – 2pm

January 17        Finance Committee – 5:15pm – Meeting partially closed to discuss legal matters  

                                Board Meeting – 6:00pm – Meeting partially closed to discuss legal matters

January 29        Distribution Committee – 3:00pm – Closed meeting to discuss proprietary information

February 21        Audit Committee – 4:45pm

                          Finance Committee – 5:15pm

                                Board Meeting – 6:00pm – Meeting partially closed to discuss proprietary and legal matters

March 7             Radio Committee – 2:00pm – Closed meeting to discuss proprietary and legal matters 

March 20           Executive Committee – 1:00pm – Emergency meeting – Closed to discuss proprietary and legal matters 

April 16              Investment Advisory Committee – 3:00pm

April 18              Finance Committee – 5:15pm 

                                Board Meeting – 6:00pm – Meeting partially closed to discuss proprietary and legal matters

April 23             Interim Personnel Committee – 2:00pm –  Closed meeting to discuss proprietary information

May 16              Finance Committee – 5:15pm 

                          Board Meeting – 6:00pm – Meeting partially closed to discuss proprietary information

June 20             Finance Committee – 5:15pm

                                Board Meeting – 6:00pm  Meeting partially closed to discuss proprietary information

July 17              Investment Advisory Committee Meeting3:00pm

July 18              Finance Committee – 5:15pm

                          Board Meeting – 6:00pm – Meeting partially closed to discuss legal matters

August 15          Finance Committee – 5:00pm-6:00pm

August 21          Nominating Committee – 4:00 pm – Please call (707) 584-2000 for instructions on how to participate

September 19   Finance Committee – 5:15pm

                          Board Meeting – 6:00pm 

October 17         Finance Committee – 5:30pm

                          Board Meeting – 6:00pm 

November 14    Finance Committee – 5:30pm

                          Board Meeting – 6:00pm

December 6      Executive Committee Meeting – 2:00pm – Meeting closed to discuss proprietary information 


2019 Board Meetings:

January 16     Audit Committee Meeting – 4:45pm

                       Finance Committee – 5:30pm  

                       Board Meeting – 6:00pm – Meeting partially closed to discuss personnel matters

February 20   Finance Committee – 5:30pm

   Board Meeting – 6:00pm

March 11        Personnel Committee Meeting – 11am  

March 20        Finance Committee 5:30pm

                          Board Meeting – 6:00pm

May 15           Finance Committee – 5:30pm

                      Board Meeting – 6:00pm


Community Advisory Council Meetings 2019

February 7

May 9 

August 8

November 7

Financial records, links for which are listed below, are also made available to the public.

Further, KRCB is proud to have the community aware of our local community engagement work.
Northern California Public Media's commitment to transparency also extends to making ourselves available for questions and suggestions. 
Our Board of Directors

Patrick Campbell

Steve DeLap

Nancy Dobbs

Bill Gittins

Margaret McCarthy

Eric McHenry

Ralph O'Rear

Harry Rubins

Larry Slater

Gordon Stewart

David Stare

Josue Lopez 



Northern California Public Media operates under the Public Media Code of Integrity:

Our Senior Staff includes:
Nancy Dobbs, President and CEO
707 584 2058
Larry Stratton, COO and Chief Engineer
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
707 584 2059
Darren LaShelle, Content Manager
707 584 2017
Karen Bell, Television Program Manager
Sean Knight, Radio Program Manager
707 584 2004

Northern California Public Media Community Advisory Council Members:

Terry Lynn Abrams
Lee Dawson
Phil DeBar
Steve DeLap
Michael Dortch
Paul Feinstein
Cathy Thomas

Diversity of personnel and of content is also a critical goal of Northern California Public Media.  To that end, the Board of Directors has adopted the following statement regarding diversity, our commitments and our intentions.
Rural California Broadcasting Corporation, licensee of KRCB TV in the North Bay, KPJK TV in the South Bay, and KRCB FM Radio 91, is mindful of the importance of the reflection of our community's diversity in our work and in our workforce.  To support diversity, the Board of directors commits to making all reasonable efforts to have our workforce, especially in our management team, reflect that community diversity.  In addition, in choosing our Board, our committees, and our Community Advisory Council, every effort will be made to reflect that community diversity.  The past few years have seen good progress in this direction with the addition of several bilingual, bicultural staff members, African American staffers, and the continuing strength of women in management positions.  In order to continue this success, Northern California Public Media commits to participate in minority and other diversity job and opportunity fairs.  To the degree possible we will also seek and include diverse individuals in internships and work-study programs.
Northern California Public Media is also aware of the importance of programming which reflects the diversity of our community.  To that end we continue to air Spanish language children's' programming whenever available, translate local productions when funding permits, support the production and airing of Outbeat Radio by a dedicated team of volunteers, air Undercurrents, a production of Native Voices 1, broadcast the FNX: First Nations Experience network, and work closely with our local Spanish language public radio station, KBBF.
Northern California Public Media does not discriminate on the basis of disability in admission or access to, or employment in, its programs and activities.

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