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Civilians Who Tested Agent Orange Now Sick, Dying: Podcast

This year, our news team won three awards from the Public Media Journalists Association, formerly known as PRNDI. This week, we’re highlighting those stories. Living Downstream: The Environmental Justice Podcast, won first place in its category. In this excerpt, Reporter Jon Kalish talks to the civilian workers at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida who tested Agent Orange there during the Vietnam War. When the government settled with veterans exposed to this pesticide, these workers were left…


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Why Food Reformers Have Mixed Feelings About Eco-Labels

Dan Charles June 12, 2019 Hear this Morning Edition Story Take a walk through the grocery story; the packages are talking to you, proclaiming their moral virtue, appealing to your ideals: organic, cage-free, fair trade. When I dug into the world of eco-labels recently, I was surprised to find that…


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Firing Forests to Save Them: Could Native Traditions Save Lives?

When we imagined a podcast about environmental justice – it was before the Tubbs fire here in Sonoma County – and the deadly fire seasons of 2017 and 2018. Even so, we wouldn’t have thought of Indians and their relationship to fire as a matter of environmental justice. But producers Allison Herrera…

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