Connecting Our Communities...

This holiday season, help support the community that has sustained KRCB for over 25 years!

Please make a gift of financial support to KRCB in an amount that fits your budget.

But if you want to do more, or your family needs a helping hand, the best all-around telephone number for any community within our broadcast area is: 211.

211 is often staffed through your local volunteer center. In addition to providing resources that the caller may need, your 211 operator can also direct you to a source for volunteering locally or donating goods.

Here are examples of the calls people make:

  • Where can I donate clothing?
  • I need a place to sleep tonight.
  • Is there an after-school program near my child’s school?
  • Where can I find my elderly mother an adult day care program?
  • Where can I go to look for a job?
  • I need counseling – where can I go?

If your first language is something other than English, there are operators who speak a number of different languages (over 150 different languages throughout the 211 California call system).  You may be transferred to another center, but you will still get the local information that you need.

More Resources for Volunteering

Volunteer at KRCB
Find out more about volunteer opportunities at KRCB-TV.
Enter your zip code to find a volunteer opportunity near you. You can enter a search word if you are looking for specific types of volunteer activities.

Volunteer Center of Sonoma County
153 Stony Circle, Suite 100
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
( 707) 573-3399

Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership of Marin
555 Northgate Drive
San Rafael, CA 94903
( 415) 479-5710

Volunteer Center of San Francisco and San Mateo
1675 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 982-8999

Volunteer Network of Mendocino County
(707) 462-2596 ext. 110

Volunteer Center of the East Bay (Contra Costa County)
2401 Shadelands Drive, Suite 112
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
(925) 472-5770

Hands On Bay Area(Alameda County)
135 Bluzome Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94107
( 415) 541-9616 ext. 101

Volunteer Center of Silicon Valley
1922 The Alameda, Suite 100
San Jose, CA 95126
(408) 247-1126 ext. 301


Telling Our Stories...

This month, KRCB releases the fifth series of special prorgrams that highlight the good work of our community partners.

In this series, KRCB focuses on our recent collaboration with Community Action Partnership.  Join us as we explore the local impacts of the economic crisis, in a documentary film called “Crisis At Home,” a co-production of KRCB’s Voice of Youth and Community Action Partnership.

The full film premieres later in December, but we wanted to provide a sneak preview just in time for the launch of the holiday season.

Watch THE CRISIS AT HOME December 28 7:30pm on KRCB

Remember— your support makes this possible!Please consider becoming a KRCB Sustaining Partner today.

 Youth filmmakers record a worker unloading food

Please support local production on KRCB

Watch Epsiode #1

In this episode...

  • Meet Jeanette, a woman who has turned her own experience with hunger into a valuable asset for the entire community.
  • Deisy and Maribel describe how the Project Safe youth group got involved with making a documentary.
  • Find out about power soccer in Berkeley.

...and much more!

Youth operating the camera at KRCB studios

Please support local production on KRCB

Watch Episode #2

In this episode...

  • More details about Project Safe are revealed by participants Ana and Edgar.
  • Uncover the story of a local teenager who has experienced the foreclosure crisis first-hand.
  • Something else.

...and much more!

A jazz musician at a recent gig.

Please support local production on KRCB

Watch Episode #3

In this episode...

  • Meet a local father who recently rediscovered his passion.
  • Find out about some of the other projects KRCB’s Voice of Youth has been working on.
  • Explore the meaning behind a mural, made possible by the 2-year Tengo La Voz project.

...and much more!

Teen shows off her jewelry

Please support local production on KRCB

Watch Episode #4

In this episode...

  • Go behind the scenes with the Project Safe youth.
  • Discover the poignant story of an area high school student and her journey to California.
  • Take a revealing look at how the economy has affected small business owners.

...and much more!

More information about the groups and organizations highlighted in these episodes...

Note... the following websites will redirect you away from Please consider making a generous contribution to community-powered KRCB which brought you these locally-produced stories from our local community.

Community Action Partnership - national association of community action agencies.

Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County - home of Project Safe. KRCB partnered with this organization to bring you “The Crisis At Home.”

KRCB Productions featured in these episodes...

Tengo La Voz - a production of KRCB’s Voice of Youth

Best Seat in the House Festival - KRCB produced several short films about Bay Area individuals and groups with disabilities, part of a first-of-it’s-kind film festival.

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