DiscussionPlateNorCal Public Media and our partners San Jose Spotlight and CreaTV hosted a viewing party of the June 30, 2019, live program Connect the Bay. After watching the program, citizens of San Jose in attendance shared their thoughts and asked questions of a panel policy advocates, including: Hanson Hom, Planning Consultant, Gloria Bruce, Executive Director, East Bay Housing Organizations, Kyle Martin, Housing Reporter, San José Spotlight, Victor Vasquez, Program Manager, Organizing, Somos Mayfair
See the DISCUSSION here.
Watch a recording of the LIVE PROGRAM to also see guests in the NorCal studios: Edgar Ávila, Program Director, KBBF Bilingual Public Radio 89.1 FM and Stephanie Manieri: Trustee, Santa Rosa School Board Area 6.
Read all about CASACASA front page housing - The Commitee to House the Bay Area, which brings together government, business and nonprofits to suggest solutions to the housing crisis.
Here's a direct link to a PDF of the CASA Compact.
construction dcWashington, D.C. was long known as "Chocolate City." Actually, it's one of many urban centers that adopted that nickname, where African American residents developed a unique sense of place and ownership.
For decades, that story has been changing. Watch "Chocolate City" from film-makers Sam Wild and Ellie Walton below. It will be instructive viewing for anyone seeking to understand gentrification and displacement in other cities, including throughout the Bay Area. 
 Then tune in to Connect the Bay: Gentrification on KRCB TV 22 and KPJK Sunday, June 30 at 5:00 pm.  

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