Gavin budget nprCalifornia is poised to reinstate the individual mandate to purchase health insurance that President Trump and congressional Republicans ended two years ago.

Story by Ben Adler.

(Photo by Rich Pedroncelli/AP/via NPR)







062419adelsambranoramos pAdel Sambrano Ramos head was bandaged as he appeared in court Monday. The defense attorney said nothing after the proceedings, but the prosecuting attorney had plenty to say.

Story by Bob Moffitt.

(Photo: Adel Sambrano Ramos, left, huddles with his court-appointed attorney, Diane Howard, during his first court appearance in the shooting death of Sacramento Police officer Tara O'Sullivan in Sacramento County Superior Court - Rich Pedroncelli / AP Photo / via Capradio)







082918CaliforniaCapitolBuilding pA recent gut-and-amend bill would change the election code to permit undocumented immigrants to run for local Democratic Party positions.

Story by Scott Rodd.

(Photo by Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio News)


Tuesday, June 25, 2019






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