542A3076 F44F 4CD7 B6E2 2250FF1AD1A4California governor Gavin Newsom has ordered the creation of a Master Plan on Aging by late next year. Senior advocates are optimistic. But, as KPBS’s Amita Sharma reports, they don’t want the elderly’s most pressing needs ignored in the interim.
Story by Anita Sharma, KPBS
(Photo by Andrew Nixon/Capital Public Radio)
757F8D7E FEDE 458F A40B 3AD87D4CE0DBThe federal government wants to change the way it measures the poverty line, and California analysts say that could bump low-income California families from health care and other crucial programs.
Story by Sammy Caiola.
(Photo by Sammy Caiola/Capital Public Radio)
0C863F14 CA75 40EE AC61 997FE03CCD4ACalifornia Lawmakers have sent a dozen bills to Governor Gavin Newsom, including an extension of paid family leave from six weeks to eight.
Story by Ben Adler.
(Photo by Andrew Nixon/Capital Public Radio)
Tuesday, June 18, 2019

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