Climate Literacy Teacher Workshop
Climate Literacy Teacher Workshop
Saturday, December 01, 2018, 10:00am - 04:30pm
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Climate Literacy and Understanding Global Change Workshop

Saturday, December 1st, 2018

10:00-4:30 p.m.

Thanks to the success of last year's workshop, we are again offering a FREE, one-day workshop to support K-12 teachers as they integrate climate science, and global change into their curricula and as they help students in carrying out climate action projects. Available to all teachers and educators. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

Workshop attendees will receive:

  • Research-based teaching strategies and techniques
  • Free visual aids that make complex data more comprehensible
  • Best practices in communicating climate and global change
  • Hands-on activities to teach complex earth systems interactions.
  • Support in engaging students in relevant actions and projects within the community. -Current statistics from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  • List of local programs available to teachers for learning about local environmental issues.

Presenters include:

Jessica Bean, UC Berkeley. Jessica will share portions of a comprehensive research-based curriculum called Understanding Global Change. This web-based resource still in development from the UC Museum of Paleontology at UC Berkeley, provides science teachers with a conceptual framework, systems models, lessons and resources and assessment tools to guide the design of interdisciplinary global change curricula. Content is geared towards 6th-12th grades but can be modified for younger students.

Jennifer Stock, NOAA/Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Jennifer will present an update on the state of our oceans and offer a series of hands-on activities that teach students the science behind ocean acidification, sea-level rise and changing food webs in the ocean.

Trisha Meisler, Sonoma Water. Trisha will provide an overview of the new energy education programs and materials available to elementary and high school teachers in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties.

Amy Jolly, Center for Climate Protection. Amy will introduce the ECO2schools youth leadership program which inspires young people to take action for immediate greenhouse gas emissions reductions while promoting long-term personal and community environmental action. Several students will be on hand to share their projects and experiences with the program.

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Location  :
Sonoma Water
404 Aviation Blvd
Santa Rosa

Northern California
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