Screen Shot 2020 08 25 at 4.30.22 PMIntroducing the first-ever California Public Radio Day. It’s a special day of unity taking place on August 27, 2020, with public radio stations all across the state participating.

For you and millions of other listeners in our state, California's network of public radio stations is a daily source for unbiased news and information, a means of discovering your next favorite artist, a consistent melody of voices and music to underscore daily activities, and most importantly, a community you can trust. A cornerstone of public radio is that it is free to all, but without your support, that could be at great risk. We hope you’ll join together with your fellow Californians to help boost this critical service and share your love for public radio.

This week, you can help by:

  • Donating early: your gift in any amount starting today counts towards California Public Radio Day
  • Forward this email to a friend: this August 27 fundraiser will need the strength of our community and networks in order to succeed.
  • Think about the important role public media plays in your life and share on social media: "I'm supporting my local public radio station @norcalpublic on #CaliforniaPublicRadioDay. Join me:"

Thank you for being a valuable partner to KRCB-FM Radio 91and public service journalism in your community.

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