Photographer Diane Askew has long worked locally as a wedding photographer, part of the industry that brings events to local wineries, parks and other venues. Obviously, that work is on hold.
But Askew's heart has always been in capturing images that document her community, such as the aftermath of the 2017 wildfires.
When demonstrations broke out in the town of Sonoma in early June, she grabbed her camera and told stories of the anger and grief displayed in the signs and postures of our community. Some of them are below. All photos and captions by Diane Askew.
SonomaProtest2 size
A girl proudly holding a sign in support of the BLM movement. 
SonomaProtest10 size
Remember Andy Lopez, a local victim of injustice.
SonomaProtest3 size
About 400 people participated in the protest, despite the heat.
SonomaProtest7 size
The perfect person for the job! This young lady managed to excite the crowd and passersby, while keeping the everyone calm and peaceful.
SonomaProtest11 size
A driver shows his support by raising a clenched fist in the air as he drives by the crowd.
SonomaProtest5 size
A tender moment was captured when a protester walked up and hugged a protest leader. She was clearly moved by the unexpected, loving gesture.
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