GreentivitiesThere's something for everyone at the Sonoma County Fair, including dedicated volunteers who are there to share public service information and promote causes that can be socially responsible or activities just for fun.

WildlifeInrtern Holly Ferrarah staffs the Wildlife Rescue table at the Sonoma County FairThe Bird Rescue Center and Wildlife Rescue are regulars at the Sonoma County Fair. Holly Ferrara, an intern with Wildlife Rescue is helping to staff their tent, where she is promoting the Center's wildlife exclusion services for homeowners. That can involve trapping and removing unwanted animals from an attic or crawl space and sealing off their pathways to return. Another option, she explains, is what they call "predator scent exclusion."

VehiclesOne of the attractions in the Fair's new "Greentivities" room, says curator Anita Adams, is a display of self-powered vehicles.

A full schedule of Fair activites can be found here.

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