SEP logoIt's rare to find a new business incubator in a town of just 7500 residents. The Sebastopol Entrepreneurs Project is exactly such a rarity.

Sebastopol MicrogreensIn the short time that the Sebastopol Entrepreneurs Project has been operating, they have worked closely with three new local businesses. Leading the list is Sebastopol MicroGreens. Ken Meyerhoff, Sebastopol's Economic development Coordinator describes their business model.

boogaluAnother, very different new enterprise receiving support from the SEP is Boogalu Productions.

EarthcampEarth Camp is a third new business that is clearly a good fit for Sebastopol.

The Sebastopol Entrepreneurs Project will have its grand opening celebration on the evening of September 8, at the O'Reilly Publishing building on Sebastopol's northern boundary.

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